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Quick DIY: Rope Wrapped Cord Light

#APASApartment Aug 15, 2016

DIY Rope Wrapped Cord Light

Welcome to ‘Things to do with Rope’. Episode 457. I’ve put quite a bit of time recently into working on the apartment update, it’s all happening quite quickly now… Once I’ve done a few major projects (I left the hard ones til the end, ugh) I’ll be ready to share it with you guys. Can. Not. Wait. As part of that, I’ve been playing around with lots of different DIY lighting ideas, and thought this would be a nice step on the pathway to full blown electrical projects… Hello wiring up the whole bathroom!*

DIY Rope Wrapped Cord Light

You need

  • Light cord and bulb (we used this one, and painted it gold)
  • Cotton Rope (try your local hardware store)
  • Scissors
  • A Hot glue gun
  • Bulb (we used an Edison one which cast a softer light, good for if you don’t plan to have a lampshade).

How to

  1. Beginning from the base of your light cord, put a small amount of hot glue there and start wrapping the rope around the cord.

2. Working with one portion at a time, put a streak of hot glue onto the cord and wrap the rope around it, taking care not to get any hot glue onto your fingers! It’s not pleasant.

3. Continue until you have covered the entire length of cord with rope. All done!

You could use one hanging down beside your bed as a reading light, or make a couple to hang over a dining table as a feature. Me? I’m going to be making another one to go over our nightstands. Fun!

* I joke guys, electricals are complicated and dangerous so make sure you get someone professional to do any of the tricky stuff!

Ps am currently recovering from a very very fun birthday weekend! Ben and our friends surprised me with the most amazing party, I’ll share a few pics soon. xxx

Photos by Bryant Lee.

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