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DIY Bath Caddy / Tray

#APASApartment Sep 4, 2017

DIY Bath Caddy

Taking a bath is a somewhat old school approach to getting clean that I’m sad to say I haven’t had time for in the last few years. But I say it’s time to take back bath time!

In the same vein as journaling, reading for a few hours in the afternoons or taking long walks in the park, when you run your own business you often find these simple pleasures fall off the radar as your deadlines mount up. But, I think it’s time to change that. It can be like meditation, but with more water involved. Add some flowers, tea and this DIY bath caddy to keep it all organised and you’ve got a meditative hour that will not only be good for the aesthetics of your bathroom but for your work/life addled mind too! Now, all we have to do is work out a way to keep the water hot for longer than 20 minutes…

DIY Bath Caddy

The first step is to check the measure of your bath tub so your planks match up. Ours are 90cm (35inches) by 10cm (4 inches) but each bath is different so make sure to check yours.


Start by glueing the planks together down the center. You can also nail them together but this worked fine for us.


Mark the width of the inside of your bathtub onto the planks.


Set your stopper pieces on the inside of the markings, and secure them with glue.


The stoppers help to secure the planks together, and also stops the caddy from slipping on the edge of the bathtub.

Your next step is to pick your favourite tea, bubble bath and book and sit back and relax. Enjoy!

By the way guys, I’m on my way back to New York today for a fun little trip and lots of adventures, can’t wait to share more!

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