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Here's how to use all your leftover fabric... Frame it!

Home DIY Sep 1, 2017

Here's how to use all your leftover fabric... Frame it!

Struggling to find a use for all those fabric off cuts from your craft projects? Me too!

After spending so much money on mud cloth fabric a few months ago (making these cushions and this floor cushion), it felt like such a waste for the leftover pieces to be sitting in the studio gathering dust. But recently I came up with a quick and easy home decor update that not only looks pretty fun but also helps to empty your fabric offcuts bin. This easy framed fabric! If you’re a fabric addict like me you’ll no doubt be into the fact that you’re pretty much paying homage to your favourite fabrics day in and day out!

Here’s how to use all your leftover fabric… Frame it!

This is just as easy as it looks, simply insert your fabric into the frame, replace the back and away you go! This is especially good to do with printed fabrics that have lots of character and fit in with your existing colours and palette.


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