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Studio Hours: DIY Friday

Studio Hours Aug 5, 2016

DIY Friday

What better way to end the week than a spontaneous (or not spontaneous at all) overflow of creativity? Whenever I’m in the studio we make a point of DIY Friday, which I have found is such a great way to end the week! Pen’s down people it’s time to paint/bake/sew/stud/drill. It’s without a doubt the best day of the week! It takes a little prep to plan the projects we want to make, hence the maybe not so spontaneous overflow, but it’s an absolute joy no matter what we’re making. I’m not sure if you’ve been following along or not,  but I’ve been sharing some of these DIY Friday exploits on snapchat, and as Insta Stories becomes more accessible for those of you that already follow, we’ll be sharing there today! Tune in in the next 24 hours for some live DIY Friday action via instagram stories (here). Can’t wait to see you there!

Our table is in need of a touch up (always!)

Friday’s are all about learning new skills, have a little way to go with hand lettering but practice makes perfect (or so I am told).

All for the shorts (coming soon guys!)

Annie doing her thang, teaching me the art of embroidery.

Always a few flowers around on DIY Fridays.

The mud cloth obsession contines…

Teeny tiny power tools. We made a mid century bed for Ollie!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon and Bryant Lee

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