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Studio Hours: The Uniform

How to wear it Jul 1, 2016


Greetings from Spain guys. Even though I’m currently travelling in Europe, I wanted to share with you a few postcards from the studio. Having such a versatile space to work in has really changed the way I approach, well, everything, and I wanted to show you more of those BTS. First… my uniform!

As much as I was ecstatic to leave high school and dispense with that scratchy white, blue and brown outfit we had to wear, as I’ve grown older I’ve realised there’s definitely a reasoning behind them. They just makes life soooo easy! And when you’ve got a crazy day planned, throw yourself out of bed and rush to the gym (or just have a few minutes more shut eye), it’s easy to come to rely on certain easy pieces or styles. An accidental uniform is born.

For me, it’s the jumpsuit. Practical for busy days, but with an element of elegance that comes in handy when you’re running late, it seems that without me ever realising it, these have become my second skin. Long, crepe ones for days when I have meetings and want to feel a little more professional, and relaxed ones in light airy fabrics for days when I’m in the studio and having some casual/creative fun. These two from M&S are the perfect sidekick to a busy and productive day, and certainly a step up from the uniforms of my past! When you’re comfortable (but still feeling chic) it’s just so much easier to be creative.

Wearing: M&S Crepe Dungarees, Ankle Strap Two Party Sandals.

Parts of the studio remind me of the backstage of a theatre, so many moving pieces like ladders boxes, plywood. Essentials for shoots.

Wearing: M&S Crepe Dungarees, The Mae Playsuit, Ankle Strap Two Party Sandals.

I’m also a bit addicted to these industrial style shelves that Ben got for me, they’re huge and hold so much stuff. One set is nice and organised and the other one is completely full of materials, supplies and tools. They kind of represent the two faces of the studio – one side organised and pretty, the other side chaotic and creative. I feel like you totally need both!

Whats on my shelves? Lots of candles, bronze planters, shoe samples (!!), mud cloth fabrics, my neon sign reminding me to hustle, lots of pretty stationary and a few of my cameras!

This simple playsuit is perfect for casual Fridays… In the studio that is – probably a touch to0 casual if you work in a law firm 🙂

Do you guys have a work uniform? I’d love to hear!

Photos by Bryant Lee. This post is in collaboration with M&S via Shopping Links.

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