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Colours I'm Adding To My Wardrobe (& How To Wear Them)

Wardrobe Rehab Jan 14, 2020

Let’s. Talk. Colour.

As I’m sure you know by now, experimenting with colour is something that I really love doing. I’m a minimalist in many ways, but colour makes me happy, so for me it’s all about finding a balance. That means pairing colours in a way that’s not too in your face, and is true to my style. Every once in a while I like to experiment with different tones, making or buying some pieces to add to my wardrobe. This season I’m all about variations of terracotta!

My penchant for rust was perhaps a sneak peek of what was to come – an inclination towards orange and terracotta. Although, I’ve been using so much terracotta (remember this?) in the home that I guess at some point it was bound to filter down into my wardrobe… Read on for a few picks and how to pair them in your next outfit, including both winter and summer suggestions.

Oh and if you’re not feeling colour right now, perhaps this guide to wearing neutrals might be just what the doctor ordered?

Wearing: Seed Heritage wrap around dress, slides and bag.

I put together the chart below to show you a few shades that I’ve been experimenting with lately, and a few others that I’ve noticed are trending. Earth tones continue to be a favourite of mine and I guess these warm terracotta shades were an obvious next step!

Wearing: Peony bikini top, DIY linen trousers and bag from the markets. DIY shirred dress.


At first glance orange and terracotta might seem hard to wear. But trust me they’re not! All you need is a little colour theory (and a bit of practical knowledge) and can easily work these into your wardrobe. As a bit of a refresher, there are two elements of colour theory that are useful to understand so you can experiment with your outfits.

Analogous (aka Tonal): Analogous colours are hues which appear next to each other on the colour wheel. By pairing these types of colours you create a tonal outfit, where all the colours are a similar tone. 

Complimentary (aka Contrasting): These are colours which are roughly on opposite sides of the colour wheel. They create outfits with maximum contrast due to their relationship with one another. 

Below we have put together an overview of how to pair this season’s colours in outfits, either by choosing contrasting or tonal colours.

Colours of the season and how to wear them


I have to say, orange is the most ‘out there’ shade of this season, and I’m dipping my toe into it. The bright version isn’t one that I’ve gravitated to in the past but I have to say, its warmth keeps catching my eye. If you’re not 100% sure about orange, it’s a good idea to opt for a darker shade to start with, or wear it as part of a pattern.

In warmer weather

I like to pair orange with white and other light tones to bring out the freshness of the palette. Another idea is to wear an all orange outfit, which is a bit of an overdose and not for the faint hearted… But perfect for summer! You can tone it down with straw accessories and neutral sandals.

In cooler weather

Pops of orange are perfect paired with black and grey, and is also nice with textured whites and creams, like a knitted sweater. Opting for orange tones with your accessories can also bring warmth to a more basic outfit of denim or black.


Hellooooo terracotta! I have to say this is one of my favourite colours right now and has definitely replaced millennial pink for me. I’m even considering giving my front door a terracotta focused up date…. Stay tuned on that one!

In warmer weather

White is the perfect neutral to make terracotta really pop, and it also pairs well with light denim.

In cooler weather

Darker terracotta tones are great for winter, because they can add much needed colour to what can often be dull palette. Pairing terracotta with black or khaki is great.


Oooooo, I have to say that this colour is just DELICIOUS (lol) and definitely one I’ve been looking at adding to my wardrobe. For me it feels like a throw back to the 90’s, in a good way! It’s also the perfect shade for both seasons, because it lends itself just as well to light fabrics like linen and cotton as it does to heavier ones like wool.

In warmer weather

I like to pair chocolate with white as my ultimate colour combination, I find this a fail safe regardless of where you’re going to work or on holidays. I’ll never tire of chocolate and white.

In cooler weather

Pair chocolate with tonal colours like grey, navy and black, or add to an outfit of dark denim.


Wearing: DIY wrap top and skirt. Seed paisley jumpsuit, bag and slides.

Wearing: Seed top and sandals and DIY trousers. DIY rust trousers.

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