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Colours I'm Adding To My Wardrobe This Season

Wardrobe Rehab Sep 29, 2017

Colours I'm Adding To My Wardrobe This Season

Who doesn’t love a wardrobe update?

If you’ve been following me for a while chances are you’ve read the Wardrobe Rehab series. In one of my favourite posts from this series, on the topic of developing your personal colour palette,  we talked about building a great set of base colours in your wardrobe and then using highlight colours to experiment with different seasonal variations. Around this time of the year I love researching and mood boarding and through that process adding a few new colours to my wardrobe. Or sometimes it’s less strategic than that and all about colours I’m feeling a pull towards. Either way, because I find myself often between both the northern and southern hemispheres, the colours I choose need to be versatile enough to work for both Autumn and Spring, and the seasons that follow obviously. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the shades I’m adding to my wardrobe right now!

Colours I’m Adding To My Wardrobe This Season

Dusty Rose Dress from Paddy to Palmy, Rust Fabric (I’m going to make something with this soon!), Mustard top from Shilla the Label, Dusty Rose silk trousers from a vintage store, Burgundy linen dress from Arnhem clothing.

Dusty Rose

You’ll know that I’ve been a big fan of blush pink over the last few seasons, the colour has found its way from my wardrobe to my bedroom. But in case you’re feeling millennial pink fatigue, dusty rose is a slightly less feminine version that brings to mind the end of a sunset. At least it does for me!

Wear it in colder weather with…  I love pairing this colour with khaki (like a khaki parka) for a colder weather outfit, or with greys and blacks for a more tonal feel.

Wear it in warmer weather with… tan and white for a clean and sophisticated palette.


Who would have thought I would fall so hard for mustard as an outfit colour? I think it has something to do with a recent love of all things 70’s. And while yellow is seeing a comeback according to trend manuals, I like to think that mustard is (again) a bit of a grown-up version of this direction. Like dipping your toe in before diving.

Wear it in colder weather with… Denin and mustard are such a great combination, so a pair of levis jeans, a mustard top and a leather jacket is the perfect outfit for this colour (and one I am excited to wear).

Wear it in warmer weather with… Once again, you can’t go past pairing mustard with white for a simple, clean palette. I also like to pair it with a light blush pink. If you’re feeling adventurous, a warm mustard also looks great with turquoise, although I usually keep it to one main colour that pops in each outfit.


Burgundy or a deep red is a tone I’m really gravitating towards at the moment, so this linen dress was the perfect addition to my closet. I went for one that didn’t have too much purple in it and was a little more on the brown side.

Wear it in colder weather with… Black and grey are the perfect shades to pair with burgundy or deep red. This linen dress will be perfect with tights, boots and a leather jacket. If you want to add a bit of freshness to your outfit denim is a great option too, and a denim jacket with be great with this dress.

Wear it in warmer weather with… Accessories that make it pop like white, nude and tan.


Finally, one of my favourite shades. Rust isn’t a colour I ever really liked in the past, but recently it’s been catching my eye when used in designs that aren’t too boxy (like this DIY dress).

Wear it in colder weather with… Rust is a colour you can let do all the talking, so I like to keep with a minimal palette for this, by choosing grey, black or white as the base palette.

Wear it in warmer weather with… Denim goes so well with anything rust. If you like to mix colours and experiment, a teal blue is another colour you can add to rust to make it pop!

Overall I think the shades I’ve added to my wardrobe for the coming season reflect a more muted, warming palette. That said, all these colours can be used to create a fresh look using white, denim and other base colours like black and grey. Seeing them together they kind of remind me of a sunset in the desert!


What Colours Are Your Adding To Your Wardrobe This Season?

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