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Make These Upcycled Terracotta Vases!

Home DIY Dec 18, 2019

Introducing, Trash to Terracotta!

If you’re new here and love updating vases as much as I do, make sure to head over and follow me on Instagram, where I’m constantly updating this project. You can also see all the amazing #trashtoterracotta projects that have been done using my methods.

We’re hosting Christmas this year in our house for the first time. Last year we had it at the beach with my family, but this year it’s all us. And I’m pretty excited! And a little bit nervous. But that’s the silly season for you isn’t it? This Christmas I really wanted to reduce my ecological footprint, but of course I still wanted the house to feel festive and get creative. Which is why I love these up cycled terracotta vases! Because they look great, and are made form secondhand finds. The best part about this was picking all the ugly ceramics that were going to get an overhaul! I visited my local St Vinnies (an Australia secondhand store) and found them all in the same place. I bought them for around 10 dollars in total and hilariously the woman serving me said to me ‘Do you LIKE these?’. Which was a fair question because they were pretty ugly, even more so when you looked at them all together. I explained the project I was going to do and she was happy to hear that I wasn’t going to take them home and put them on my table looking like this. She was quite invested by the end!

How to Trash To Terracotta

Once I had all the vases, I used Megatreat. I got it at Bunnings in Australia and I found it to be such a great product. It works so well because not only does it have the perfect terracotta colour, it also has a chalky consistency that, when layered, really gives a genuine terracotta feel and look. It’s amazing, and I’m definitely thinking about where else I can use it. I’m thinking pots, bowls, giant vases and so many other places! Thanks Emily for introducing me to this product (her DIY here)!

Where To Source Terracotta Paint Outside Australia!

This is an update to this post, because lots of you have been asking me for options for terracotta paint if you live outside of Australia. Unfortunately Megatreat (the product I used) is only available in Australia. So here are a few other options available on Amazon:

If you trying to work out which to use, I would try the spray paint first, just because it seems to be useful on a range of surfaces.

You need:

  • Terracotta Paint
  • Secondhand vases (I got mine for under $10!)
  • A paintbrush
  • Drop cloth or cardboard

How to:

  1. Collect all your ceramics and give them a wipe down.
  2. Lay out your cardboard or drop cloth.
  3. Paint your ceramics with the terracotta paint. The first coat will be quite translucent, but don’t worry!
  4. Let them dry for a few hours, then paint another coat. Two coats should be fine but depending on the surface you’re working with a third may be necessary. I found that unglazed pottery only needed one coat, while glazed pottery needed two or three.
  5. Let them dry for a few hours, and they’re done.

How easy is that?! And they really look legitimately like terracotta – even the glazed ones. Which surprised me a lot.


Styling The Table

Some table styling is easy and can be thrown together very quickly, but for this space I took a bit more time to get it juuuuust right. In truth, it’s been something I’ve had in my head for a while and it was fun to see it come together. I used the plates, glassware and cutlery from last week’s post with Maxwell & Williams. The rest of the things on the table are thrown together – a linen sheet doubled as a tablecloth, fabric napkins made from linen and the up cycled centrepiece. The cherry on top is the beautiful dried floral arrangement (so easy to do!) anndddd those DIY ring wreaths.

Maxwell & Williams Solaris Dinner Set, Chester Cutlery Set, Sommellier Wine Glasses, Sommellier Champagne Flutes.

One idea I had is that at the end of the lunch or dinner, your guests can take a vase home with them. You’ll officially be the best host around!

I am so in love with this terracotta painting technique, and it can be used to update so many different surfaces. Next up? Painting all the pots around my house. Stay tuned.


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