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Make these Easy Frayed Linen Napkins

Entertaining Dec 11, 2018

Creating a festive (and waste free) table, by hand!

There’s nothing more rewarding than playing hostess for an evening, and it’s even better when you ditch the throw away napkins and craft these gorgeous frayed linen ones instead. And it’s so easy! In the last post in my series collaboration with Asia Miles, I made these DIY frayed linen napkins, read on the for the tutorial!

As a rule, lunch napkins are 20” x 20” and dinner napkins can either be 22” x 22” to 24” x 24”. We made ours in 22” x 22”.


An important part of making these napkins is cutting the fabric along the grain, so that you can create an even fray along the edge. To do this, an inch in from the edge pull one thread, so that it gathers and shows you the grain. Then, use this as a guide for cutting your fabric. You will need to do this for all the edges so that the whole piece lines up with the grain of the fabric.


The next step is to pull out the threads along the edge of the napkins. Since linen has a loose weave, the threads should give easily as soon as you start tugging on them. Make sure to pull only few at a time.


Once you have removed all the threads around the edges, a nice way to soften the edges is to wash and dry your napkins, and then iron the edges flat.


For this year’s festive table, I decided to skip the red and green and instead opted for some bright colours, brass details (like this Maxwell & Williams cutlery) and dried foliage. Something different!

This post is in collaboration with Asia Miles


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