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How To Make An Easy Table Canopy

Christmas Dec 20, 2021

I’ve always been a huge fan of creating a show stopping table for Christmas, it’s just so much fun to go big for the festive season. One thing I have wanted to master is how to create a table canopy.

There’s lots of options for bringing your festive decor into the air, but for me an issue has always been that they have relied on using the ceiling (with hooks etc) to suspend the decor. Lots of you have mentioned you’re always after renter friendly solutions, and just ones that don’t require any acrobatics, and so you’ll be happy with this little hack I came up with for my recent collaboration with Maxwell & Williams.

Table styling details: Dune Servingware from Maxwell & Williams, Wine glasses from Maxwell & Williams, Glass tumblers from Maxwell & Williams, Cashmere High Rim Dinner Set from Maxwell & Williams.

You need

  • 2 wooden dowels or poles
  • 2 pots with holes in the bottom that fit the dowels
  • 3m of light cotton fabric
  • 2m of rope

Initially with this project, I was going to fill the pots with cement and push the dowels into to cement. Doing it the way I do it below was a last minute experiment that worked so well!

How to

  1. Start by creating the base styling for your table, I laid a tablecloth and a runner.
  2. Then, take your pot and turn it over.
  3. Grab your dowel, and push it into the hole in the base of the pot. If it’s tight don’t worry, you should be able to twist it in. Do that for the other pot and dowel.
  4. Place one dowel stand down one end of the table, and one down the other end. Push them under the table a little so that the table puts extra tension on the dowels.
  5. Take your rope, and tie a piece between the two dowels.
  6. Grab your fabric, and set it up over the top, making sure to bring it down the sides so it covers the pots and dowel.
  7. Add greenery of some light decorations.

Two things to note for this project, don’t hang anything too heavy from it. Additionally, I suggest you use flameless/battery operated candles on the table. Enjoy!


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