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Four Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas To Make This Weekend

Home DIY Dec 13, 2018

You’ve probably noticed that over the years I’ve tried to challenge myself to get as creative as possible with gift wrapping.

The best part? I’ve found that using a few things you probably already have at home – a few scraps of fabric, or some paper or cardboard – you can create something so beautiful that you honestly may never want it to be unwrapped! Read on for a few ideas to up your gift wrapping game and get creative.

Sewn Up Packages

I bet you didn’t think that some paper and a bit of thread could equal such a gorgeous gift wrapping idea. The best thing about this style of wrapping is just how excited your giftee will be to tear it open! Read the full tutorial here. There’s also a heart shaped version here for the lover in your life.

Fabric Wrapping

Hands up if you have loads of fabric scraps around the house? I know I do. So rather than letting them gather dust in a pile, why not use them to wrap a few of your Christmas gifts? This traditional form of wrapping comes by way of Japan, and although theirs tend to be way more delicate than mine, it just goes to show that fabrics looks amazing when used as wrapping no matter your skill level. Grab the tutorial here.

Label Maker Wrapping

Simple brown paper is a great place to start when wrapping, and it can be updated in so many creative ways. One example of this is using an old school label maker to add some words to the paper and give them a personal touch. See more here.

3D Star Gift Boxes

What’s better than your average wrapping paper? When it can be used as decoration too! I love how some simple folding of cardboard can bring the star to life! See how to make these yourself here.


Hope you’re all enjoying the festive season!


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