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Colours I'm Adding To My Wardrobe (And How To Wear Them!)

Wardrobe Tips Jun 19, 2019

Hello colour lovers!

It’s great to be back, coming to you with another episode of new season colours and how to wear them. Also known as, colours I’m adding to my wardrobe and why you should too. Or maybe not? Go with your gut on this one.

I have to say, I had become quite comfortable in my autumn toned wardrobe, and believe me I’m still a huge fan of rust, mustard and burgundy. But interestingly I’m finding myself becoming more and more interested in adding additional colours to my wardrobe, or at least experimenting with new fabrics and tones.

The Process of Adding New Colours

Adding new colours can be scary, and I have to admit I often suffer from colour inertia. It takes me a long time to want to add a new colour to my wardrobe, even if it’s been around or trending for a while. I’m not sure if this is common or not but this is for sure, the new colours on this list have been pondered at length!



The natural evolution of my love of mustard was always going to be a foray into yellow land. But I have to admit I was timid about this at first. But recently it’s burst into my colour scene and I couldn’t be happier. Because who wouldn’t want to punctuate your day with a hit of sunshine?

In warmer weather

I like to pair yellow with white and other bright tones to bring out the freshness of the palette. Another idea is to wear an all yellow outfit, which is a bit of an overdose and not for the faint hearted. But perfect for summer!

In cooler weather

I have an absolute hate of yellow and black, it just gives me bumble bee vibes. So personally I opt to pair yellow in cooler weather with soft neutrals like beige and grey. Or white chunky wool.


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before, but colours have a really strong impact on me. As in a visceral, all encompassing feeling that is hard to shake. For that reason I love so many colours, but I also hate others with vehemence. And I have to admit that purple stood firmly in the latter camp for a good decade. Blame it on the fact that for some reason thrift stores are full of purple clothes, and growing up that’s how I shopped. It’s a form of colour ptsd that I’m only just realising has effected me for years. BUT I think I’m over it! After seeing it enough (what is it they say in marketing about needing to see something 7 times before you accept it), I’m a fan!

In warmer weather

Again, bright whites or tonal colours are the perfect pair for lilac. Add in a sandal and a basket bag and you’re got a summer ready outfit.

In cooler weather

Pair lilac and darker tones of purple with denim, black, grey and beige.


Well, let’s be honest, khaki never left the building for me. It’s THE neutral but I have noticed it has been an even more integral part of my wardrobe this season. Something I’m hoping to carry through forever thus! But in case you’ve been waiting to get on the band wagon with khaki, chances are you’re seeing it everywhere this season and thinking maybe you’ll cave. To which I say CAVE! Once you add khaki to your wardrobe I think you’ll never go back.

In warmer weather

I like to pair khaki with white as my ultimate colour combination, I find this a fail safe regardless of where you’re going to work or on holidays. I’ll never tire of khaki and white!

In cooler weather

Pair khaki with tonal colours like grey, navy and black, or add to an outfit of lighten denim.


At first glance these colours might seem quite difficult to wear, and I agree that they can sometimes be challenging, but by applying colour theory (and a bit of practical knowledge) you can easily work these into your wardrobe. As a bit of a refresher, there are two elements of colour theory that are useful to understand so you can experiment with your outfits.

Analogous (aka Tonal): Analogous colours are hues which appear next to each other on the colour wheel. By pairing these types of colours you create a tonal outfit, where all the colours are a similar tone. 

Complimentary (aka Contrasting): These are colours which are roughly on opposite sides of the colour wheel. They create outfits with maximum contrast due to their relationship with one another. 

Below we have put together an overview of how to pair this season’s colours in outfits, either by choosing contrasting or tonal colours.

What I’m wearing: A yellow I had custom made, and a lilac dress from Kate Spade.

Here are a few wardrobe options for you!


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Let us know your thoughts!

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