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Colours I'm Adding to My Wardrobe (& How To Wear Them!)

Wardrobe Tips Aug 24, 2018

Colours I'm Adding to My Wardrobe

Guys I’m back in blogging mode! I’m so excited to be putting my writing and shooting cap back on.

Over the last 8 weeks I’ve been checking into the blog but generally posting content that we’d prepared before Frankie was born. But it’s nice to be back in the saddle (and also: scary to be in front of the lens) and talking about one of my favourite subjects – colours and how to wear them! The guys over at Grana have recently released lots of amazing colours in my favourite silks, including deep burgundy, caramel and rose – the sort of palette that I’ve been gravitating towards for a while. It felt like the right time to delve into how to wear these hues!

You’ll probably be familiar with my love of colour outfit pairings (we’ve talked about colours in your wardrobe in general and also how to dress in neutrals). But a little while ago I mentioned the new colours I’d be adding to my wardrobe and a few of you wanted to know how to wear them.  Even though that was last year, my love of these colours continues, and I’m seeing them pop up just about everywhere, so we wanted to share a bit of a guide for how to wear and pair these (somewhat) tricky colours!

Wearing: Burgundy Tercel Wrap Skirt, White V Neck Cami, Oroton Bag, Earrings from The East,  The Simple Sandals in Nude.

Colours I’m Adding to My Wardrobe

70’s Inspired Tones

I’m so happy to see that these warm, 70’s inspired tones have some staying power, I’ve been noticing them for a while and it seems they’re not giving up just yet. Which is great, because it means that you won’t regret adding a few of these colours to your wardrobe – I haven’t, that’s for sure! Below we’ve put together swatches of a few these different colours  – from nude, to blush, mustard and mahogany. Are you into these shades?


Using Colour Theory to Pair Colours

At first glance these colours might seem quite difficult to wear, and I agree that they can sometimes be challenging, but by applying colour theory (and a bit of practical knowledge) you can easily work these into your wardrobe. As a bit of a refresher, there are two elements of colour theory that are useful to understand so you can experiment with your outfits.

Analogous (aka Tonal): Analogous colours are hues which appear next to each other on the colour wheel. By pairing these types of colours you create a tonal outfit, where all the colours are a similar tone. 

Complimentary (aka Contrasting): These are colours which are roughly on opposite sides of the colour wheel. They create outfits with maximum contrast due to their relationship with one another. 

Below we have put together an overview of how to pair this season’s colours in outfits, either by choosing contrasting or tonal colours.



Looking to experiment with a few of these shades? I snapped up a few pieces from Grana recently with which to try out these outfit pairing rules, including this Burgundy skirt (made from sustainable tencel which has such a nice feel!), this cami in caramel (I also have the white and I love it), this cami in rose and this silk dress in caramel.  I also love this Burgundy jumpsuit and this dramatic maxi dress. Use the code ‘apasxgrana’ to get 10% at check out!

If you’re unsure about some of these more bold shades, considering pairing them first with white, which will lift the colour and give your outfit a fresh feel. Once you’ve mastered that, you can start experimenting with other contrasting colours and tonal outfits!

Loving everything about statement earrings at the moment, and so into these!

Wearing: Grana silk classic cami, Arnhem pants, bag from Bali, earrings from The Slow Mode

I haven’t wanted to part with Frankie much so she’s been coming on shoot day. She mainly just sleeps in the pram but sometimes gets to be in a pic!

This post is in collaboration with Grana.

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