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Living in Linen (And Other Fabrics I'm Investing In This Season)

Style May 4, 2018

Living in Linen

Fabrics. A passion I can’t seem to shake (nor do I want to!).

If you’ve been following along here for a while you’ll know that fabrics are something I’m pretty passionate about – they inspire all my DIY projects, and increasingly they inspire all my purchases too. Because, even though the style or shape of a garment is important, the type of fabric is the number one consideration for me – regardless of how well a piece of clothing is cut if it’s not a great fabric chances are you won’t wear it that much. Particularly now that I’m getting to the pointy end of this pregnancy, the fabric I put against my skin has to be perfect… Or it’s coming off within five minutes! And given that we all now do so much online shopping, trying to understand the fabric of a garment is one useful way to have less of those icky moments when you get something in the mail that looked great in pics but feels horrible on the skin.

We’ve talked A LOT about fabrics before on this blog (see: How to Choose The Right Fabric , Fabrics and Their Properties and  What Fabric Should I Use To Make…?), but today I wanted to share with you the fabrics I’ve been investing in when adding new pieces to my closet this season. Chances are you’ll know all about the first one (a long term love of mine) but the other two might come as news!

Living in Linen & Fabrics I’m Investing In This Season

Linen It will come as no surprise that Linen tops my list for favourite fabrics. Something I’ve noticed over the last few seasons is that even the most simple designs look and feel elegant and expensive when made in a good quality linen. It’s also somewhat easy to sew with which makes it pretty much my best friend! Recently my friends over at Grana launched a gorgeous new linen line – including this striped jumpsuit, pencil skirt,  linen dress and a lovely apron tank. This side button dress is really pretty too!

Rayon A great fabric, in my opinion, has a fantastic drape. Which is the basis for my addiction to rayon. You’ll know I love silk so much, but in the drape department Rayon wins hands down – and is the perfect fabric for a twirly maxi dress, ideal for an occasion where you want to float around feeling like a queen (something I’m very much in need of right now!).

Broderie Anglaise Ok so not exactly a fabric itself, this is a lacework technique that’s used on cotton fabric, where patterns made of round or oval holes, called eyelets, are cut out of the fabric, then bound with overcast or buttonhole stitches. For me, this is another fabric that looks really expensive and is always something people comment on, but more and more you are finding it available at a more affordable price (like this top and this dress).

In this photo I’m wearing Grana’s gorgeous striped jumpsuit, sandals that are my own design and a belly basket bag from Ikea.

Want to learn more about fabrics? Read these three posts: How to Choose The Right Fabric , Fabrics and Their Properties and  What Fabric Should I Use To Make…?

This post is in collaboration with Grana (use the code apasxgrana to get 10% off your next order!).

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