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DIY Strappy Romper

DIY Fashion May 8, 2018

DIY Strappy Romper

Hey guys! Time for another little maternity closet update, a DIY strappy romper.

As much as you guys warned me off wearing jumpsuits, I’ve found myself reaching for them all the time! I guess more than anything it’s because they’re just such easy throw on pieces – meaning you don’t have to root around in your wardrobe looking for a top and skirt combo. Dresses have been my go to, but jumpsuits are coming in a very close second.

DIY Strappy Romper

To create this romper pattern, find a shirt and a pair of shorts you own and trace around them. Combine the bodice and shorts together at the waistline and create straight patterns as shown above. You’ll need to draft another pattern since the crotch line curve at the back of your shorts will differ from the front curve.


Begin by tracing and cutting your pattern pieces from your fabric. You should end up with two sets of front and back bodice pieces.


Pin the left front and back panels together and sew down the side and crotch seams first, then do the same for the right side's panels .Turn out one half right-side-out and insert it into the other unturned side, then pin and sew along the crotch and centre front seam, but leave allowance for sewing the invisible zipper.


Your jumpsuit should look something like this at this point. 


Next, finish the the edges on the front and back Vs, and the bottom of the shorts by sewing a rolled hem.


We will create the straps and finish the armhole curve edges using the same strip of fabric. It's best to use a bias-cut strip of fabric when sewing around curves, to create a bias binding, fold your fabric in on a 45 degree angle,and cut your strip on the bias.


You will need to fold the bias binding into the middle like so.


Placing the end of the bias binding on the side seam of the jumpsuit, pin the binding around the armhole curve. The rest of the binding that isn't pinned to the armhole is the length of the strap that sits over your shoulder. 



You only need to sew the parts of the binding that's pinned to the armhole at this point, and finish the loop by trimming and sewing the ends of the bias binding together. This is what is should look like at this point. 



Next thing to do is to fold your bias binding in half and sew. And you're done!

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