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Let's Talk: Three Options for Re-covering This Ottoman

Styling May 4, 2018

Re-covering This Ottoman

Hey guys! I have to say I have been LOVING crowdsourcing your opinion on interior options.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but one of my major life’s passions is hard rubbish. Do you have this where you live? It’s basically when people put things they no longer want out on the street – like furniture or other big pieces. Foraging for these things brings me so much joy, I honestly can’t describe it. To some of you it might be a bit yuck, but what I love to do is overhaul the pieces I find and breath new life into them. Painting them, restringing them, recovering them – anything that brings them into the now I’m willing to try. I have to admit, sometimes the effort I spend doing this is more than that which it would take to buy the same item, but that’s never been the point has it?

The Found Ottoman

Today I wanted to chat with you about an ottoman I found on the side of the road… Don’t judge me too harshly! It was part of a lounge set and made of a green faux leather. Whilst it doesn’t look that nice, it’s sturdy and comfortable and will make a great addition to the living room once I make a few updates to it… And that’s where you come in! I’ve been wracking my brain on re-covering this ottoman, as at the moment I’m being torn in a few different directions…. Velvet covered? Mudcloth? Or Rug covered? That is the question.

Re-covering This Ottoman

Option 1. Rug Covered

Ok, so I’ve been in love with rug covered ottomans and pouffes for years, ever since I saw one as part of one of Amber Interior’s designs (and she sells them here!). They just look so good! The only challenge they present is that given the thickness of most of these types of rugs, it would be a harder fabric to unholster in… And obviously, rugs are quite expensive so you would have to be confident about the method! Cue chin scratch.

Option 2. Velvet

Velvet velvet velvet. Well this is certainly taking it in another direction, isn’t it? A little bit fancier than a rug version, I’ve been seeing beautiful velvet ottomans around a lot, and they seem like a good option. The fabric is sturdy whilst not being too thick, and if you choose a simple/minimalist colour they are easier to style around and won’t date too quickly. Obviously, a pink one might but I’m swaying more towards a khaki or navy…

Option 3. Mudcloth

Oh yeah, good old mud cloth. You won’t be surprised that it gets a run as part of these options… I’ve been known to use it for everything! I guess that’s because it’s a hardy fabric with lots of texture, and something that, whilst minimal, always draws the eye. I recently got my hands on some indigo mud cloth which could be a good option… I love the look of the white ones but I’m afraid I might be asking for trouble with a baby on the way…. Thoughts?

Inspiration images via: Amber Interiors (here, here, here and she sells them in her store here), Sarah Sherman Samuel and here,  Idea,  Style Me Pretty, Apartment Therapy, Mad About The House,

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