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How I Keep My Studio Clean & Toxin Free

Styling Aug 27, 2021

I’m excited that my studio space is slowly coming together – it’s a fantastic place where I can get really creative.

The best thing about it is just how many varied activities I work on every day, and how it can adapt and change to cater to whatever I’m doing at that time. But with so many craft activities happening in the space, there’s a risk of being exposed to poor air quality and toxins that come from craft supplies as well as new and old products. Which is why I’ve developed a few things that I do to ensure between air quality in the space and less toxins. Read on for more.

The Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde

The best tool in my toxin free workspace is my new Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde! As you guys know, I’ve been working closely with Dyson for a while now, and I’ve really enjoyed learning all about their new tech. The latest? This amazing new air purifier.

One of the most incredible new features of this air purifier is that it now cleans the air of Formaldehyde. For the uninitiated, this toxin is ever present in so many different products, and when you’re a craft blogger like me there’s even more exposure – it’s in engineered wood, fabrics, new products and other craft supplies. So when Dyson said their product has been developed to target, remove and destroy formaldehyde from the air, I was excited! It’s also a fan and a really great heater, and also cleans the air of over 99.95% of pollutants and toxins in the air.

Keeping The Studio Toxin Free

Keeping the studio as a healthy and safe place to work is important to me, particularly considering the work that I do and what happens in the space every day. And the fact that I often have a little baby in the bouncer at my feet. Here’s a few things I do!

Purifying the Air When Crafting

As soon as I start a project I move my Dyson purifier into the space to make sure that wherever possible I am removing the toxins that I am creating from the air. That includes when I’m painting, when I am doing tile or other upcycle projects and when I am unboxing new products.

Actively Monitoring the Air Quality

As with all Dyson products, what I love is how much you can monitor what’s happening around you. I use the Dyson Link app on my phone to track when Formaldehyde spikes in the air, and like that even when I’m not tuned in, the Dyson is working in the background. I often set it and then forget about it – knowing that it’s doing the hard work of monitoring the air quality and sensing/destroying chemicals in the air before I smell anything at all.

Ensuring Good Ventilation

The first thing I do when I start working in the studio is to open up the doors and windows, and then turn on my Dyson air purifier. The Dyson is designed to circulate the air around the space and purify as it does that, and it’s comforting knowing that it’s not just the immediate space that’s purified, it’s the whole room.

Sealing Materials and Paints Properly

It’s no surprise that some of the materials I use like paints, sealants or sprays have some level of toxins, so I always make sure to store them closed and in a well sealed cupboard. It can be easy to forget to properly seal something so I always try to do it as I pack up. I like to leave the Dyson on until I have completely finished packing up sndf cleaning so that I know that any residual chemicals have been removed from the air.

Regularly Deep Cleaning

Keeping the space well cleaned by vacuuming and removing dust on surfaces is something that I do to stop the buildup of any harmful substances in the space. It’s a simple fix that makes a big difference.

Choosing Toxin Free Cleaning Products

When cleaning I always opt for low toxin products, like natural products and ones that have been designed to be sensitive.


This post is in collaboration with Dyson.

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