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How To Make A Wavy Shelf

Home DIY Aug 27, 2021

You guys know how much I’ve been loving a scalloped/wavy detail recently, and I was blown away with how easy it was to add some wave thanks to my wine rack hack. Cue all the waves! I want to add it to everything.

I had a spare plank at home and was thinking of adding a shelf to Bobbie’e room, but wanted to add a little extra detail to make it fun. The wave hack came to mind so I did it! This is a seriously easy one and can be dome in under half an hour. It’s the perfect weekend project. Enjoy!

You need

  • One wavy plank from a wine rack (like this project)
  • A matching timber plank (cut to match the wavy section)
  • Paint
  • Superglue
  • Small L brackets

How to

  1. First, paint the timber plank and the wave detail the same colour. Wait for them to dry.
  2. Apply superglue to the top edge of the timber plank, and press the wavy plank on top. Leave this to dry.
  3. Hang the shelf on the wall by screwing or nailing in the L brackets with the horizontal side facing down, and add the shelf on top and screw it onto the bracket from the underside.

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