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Weekends At Home & A Few Links

Living Aug 29, 2021

Hello from home.

With so much happening around the world and in the news recently, this weekend I’ve tried to take a few moments of calm. I’ve been consuming so much news and social media, and sometimes you just need to read a book and disconnect. In case you’re home this weekend, and in need of some inspiration or creativity, I wanted to share with you a few links and things I have enjoyed/found interesting recently.

A Few Links To Share

I’m re-reading this book. It’s very melancholy and sad but I guess that feels kind of appropriate right now? I also read this recently and liked it (this I liked less). I just downloaded this too, which comes out in two days.

I shared a video montage of our renovation.

I made an arched shelf! Out of CARDBOARD. I’m just refining a few details but I’ll have it up here next week. The readers of the Daily Mail hated it but, you can’t win em all hey? Haha.

I unexpectedly couldn’t put down this article. Like, I didn’t even know what BBL was before clicking on this but was so intrigued?

Refinery29 Australia is here! Some interesting articles too.

Whenever I feel stressed I just watch some of these Tiktoks. I showed them to Ben and he was underwhelmed so it might just be a me thing ha. But I love the simple nostalgia.

Ready for prep?

I’ve recently discovered this brand and I’m really into their recycled fabric approach and simple/cute casual outfits.

Shop Collective Gen


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