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Let's Talk: Bras After Babies

Wardrobe Tips Oct 2, 2019

Hey guys! We need to talk about… bras after babies.

If you’ve been following along here for a while, you’ll know that I have always been interested in bras – the good, the bad and the ugly. But it turns out that there’s so much that I didn’t know, and now, in the context of just having had a baby (and having breastfed that, frankly ravenous, baby for a year), it feels like I’m learning the rules all over again!

Why? Well the truth is that (sadly) your breasts change a lot during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mine certainly did! Although, interestingly for me the biggest changes actually happened in my first trimester, when the hormones made my breasts double in size (stretch marks and all!).  And whilst I could probably dedicate a whole post to commiserating the loss of pre-baby boobies, I’ve come to terms with what I have now. Not bad, just different. Well, not *that* bad. And do you know what has made me feel better  – both mentally and physically? First, reminding myself about the wonder of the female body and all that it creates. Also? A great bra. Which is why I am excited to have partnered with Triumph to share with you a few things I have learnt on this rocky (or should I say bouncy? or floppy?) journey. You’ll remember I loved my Triumph maternity bra, so I’m excited to to share more of my faves!



Wearing in this photo: charity Homesickeness t-shirt from Assembly label (100% of the proceeds go to getting kids home from hospital sooner), DIY pants and Triumph t-shirt bra.

How To Pick The Perfect Bra (For After Babies!)

Go And Get Fitted

Post baby, all you need is a mirror to tell you that your breasts have changed, but you won’t know how much until you get fitted. I know I know, it’s not that easy to find time to do it when you’re busy with a baby, but it’s totally worth it. I recently got fitted at Triumph and found that my cup size had changed completely. I used to be a 12D and now I’m a 10DD.. Sadly bigger doesn’t always mean better! But atleast now I know why most of my bras were feeling horrible to wear.

You’ll Need Support

Full disclosure, pre baby I was much more of a bralet kinda gal. I guess I didn’t really need that much support (those were the days!). But since having Frankie, and since quitting breastfeeding, underwire has been my friend. But light underwire! Because these days I need much more support than I ever did before. It’s a simple fact of life. I love this Triumph bra. It’ such a great fit and has a nice smooth texture and a very soft band so it doesn’t dig in! It’s my favourite right now, and is perfect whether you’ve had a baby or not!

Opt for Simple

Since having a baby I have to say that my underwear is simple and minimalist rather than complicated. I take my hat off to all you lacy matching set ladies! Obviously, the style of bra you choose post baby will be down to your own personal taste, but for me, a simple Triumph t-shirt bra has been an absolute life saver. I usually opt for one that has really great support, a nice soft hand feel, and a minimalist look that feels youthful whilst also being comfortable. 

It Will Get Better!

For those of you who have just finished breastfeeding, I wanted to reassure you that from experience I have noticed that the muscles do recover (a little bit!). Straight after breastfeeding you’ll find they’re as bad as they’ll be, and over a few months you do notice some bounce back as the muscles tighten up a little bit. So, you can despair a little less!

At the end of the day, I’d choose Frankie over perfect breasts without hesitation, and when I look in the mirror, I’m reminded about how much magic my body created. That said, a great bra helps with confidence no end!


If you’re interested in more bra tips and tricks, see this post and this one.

This post is in collaboration with Triumph.

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