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Suitcase Essentials: The One Piece Swimsuit

Perfectly Packed Aug 30, 2016

Hi from Palm Springs

Hi from Palm Springs guys!

It’s a pinch myself moment to be visiting, the mix of desert landscape, mid century modern architecture and 60’s glamour has always made it a bucket list destination for me. A travel guide is on its way (so so sooooo much cool stuff here), but in the meantime I wanted to talk about my favourite topic – suitcase essentiallllsssss. If you’re like me, in the past you might have packed a full suitcase and only worn a few outfits. How many times have we lamented I totally could have brought half of this and been fine’?

This process of even slightly overpacking is totally normal, but really annoying. I mean, who wants to lug things they won’t wear? Over the last few years I’ve been broadly documenting what I wear and don’t wear when I travel, and from that refining what my suitcase essentials are. To do this essentially I’ve separated the things I’ve worn from those I haven’t when unpacking – and giving it a quick eyeball. Even though I generally pack carefully using the 5,4,3,2,1 method, I’m always surprised to find there are things I didn’t wear… In matters of travel outfits, you go with what makes you feel good both in comfort and aesthetics – which is the basis for the suitcase essentials list. By reviewing my pack after I get home I’m hoping to build a suitcase essentials list that helps me back only the things I will wear, leaving behind those that I won’t.

Wearing: Grana Swimsuit, Sportsgirl Hat

The One Piece Swimsuit

First up on my suitcase essentials list? The one piece swimsuit. Without fail any one piece swimsuit I take with me on holidays goes into the ‘worn, frequently’ pile during unpacking… putting them firmly on the suitcase essentials list. So what makes them such an indispensable item? As usual it comes down to versatility, aesthetics and efficiency – they make it easy to look and feel good when you’re in a rush on the road… over and over.

Wanting to get the most out of a small(ish) suitcase for my LA trip, I went on the hunt for versatile pieces that could work in a number of different outfits, and transition from palm spotting and pool hopping to 5pm cocktail hour easily. My friends over at Grana had invited me to try their new swimwear range, and naturally I picked out this classic, faintly vintage inspired one piece – knowing for certain I would wear it over (and over). And I did!

In case you’re wondering, I found Grana’s new swim styles are super comfortable both in and out of the pool, I think because of the luxe Italian fabric they’ve have used. There’s a barely there feeling that is so different to most swimwear. They’re also designed to be breathable which makes them perfect as doubling as a bodysuit! Suitcase essential? Check!

If you’d like to try yourself, make sure to use my code ‘apasxgrana‘ at checkout to get 10% off 🙂

A one piece and some DIY cut off shorts were just what the doctor ordered.

Who doesn’t love a low back?

Hat, towel, water. A simple checklist for a day by the pool (just add a margarita!).

Putting aside a trip to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland or afternoons in an Onsen in Japan (although you may want to go naked?), when I say the one piece is an essential, obviously talking about warm climate travel… or burning searing inside-an-oven heat like we experienced in Palm Springs!

Looking forward to sharing my Palm Springs guide with you soon. xx

This post is in collaboration with Grana.

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