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A Day in the Life (of my Skincare)

Video Sep 11, 2016

A Day In The Life Of My Skincare

Hey guys! So a little while ago I asked you if you had any questions for me, and a few of you asked ones that related to skincare, something I completely understand because as I get older it’s something I’m so so much more aware of. During Australian Fashion Week a little while ago my friends over at Dermalogica came and spent a day with me as part of their #myfacemystory project, getting ready for Fashion Week and hanging out at home (my friend’s home where I couch surf now and again that is) in Sydney. We talked skincare, crafting, Instagram filters and lots more in between in the video below. BTS we also talked so much about a day in the life of my skin (I got lots of great tips) which I wanted to share with you below.

Watch the video below to see the day I spent the Dermalogica!

As part of the #myfacestory campaign, I also wanted to share with you a day in the life of my skin – the things I do every day to improve my skin.

Something I learnt from my father very early on is that what you put inside your body is just as important as what you put on your skin if you want a clear and hopefully glowing face. I’ve leant that for me skin care isn’t just something you think about when you’re washing your face or putting on make up, it’s all day and is bundled together with overall health. But don’t worry it’s not going to take over your life!

A Day In The Life (Of My Skin)

6.30am First off, I start the day with two big glasses of water (and try to do 2 litres throughout the day), something that’s pretty obvious when it comes to wanting great skin. People talk about lemon water but tbh I always feel like it’s the water part that’s important, maybe I’ll throw some lemon in if I have it but more often that not it’s just the water. I also throw in a few vitamins and supplements which contribute to general health but are also useful in encouraging glowing skin – Vitamin C, E and some Zinc and Magnesium. I’ve just started taking this fermented supplement in the mornings too, not that cheap but it seems to last a long time.

8am Exercise! As soon as I have a few days off my usual routine of circuit training in the morning, I find my skin starts to look pretty sallow and dull. Have you noticed this too? I think for me it’s something to do with having a good sweat and promoting circulation that improves my skin so I always try to tick that off first thing.

9.30am After exercising I’ll prep my skin for the day cleansing with this and also applying this moisturiser and this zinc based SPF. After many years of not paying much attention to SPF the first signs of pigmentation have sent me running to the sunscreen, and if I go up the peak in the morning I’ll throw some on before I leave the house. I also only wear make up when I have to – something that I feel helps to promote clear skin. Leaving the corporate environment allows me to be a bit more relaxed about make up and if I want some coverage I’ll keep it minimal unless I have a big event or meeting – I’ll wear a very light tinted moisturiser and some concealer under my eyes (argh dark circles!).

1pm Lunch anyone? When it comes to food, in the last few years I’ve come to focus a lot on gut health, something that I’ve noticed has a big impact on how my skin looks. I try to eat at least one big plate of leafy green vegetables every day and some good fats (fish or avocados) as well as something fermented like kimchi or yogurt. Keeping the sugar and processed foods to a minimum always works to reduce redness and give me a glow.  Sounds intense and I guess it is in a way but it’s about whole health rather than any one part.

4pm I’ll usually pop on a face oil or a face spritz (like this one) if I’m feeling a bit tired from sitting in front of the computer or running around in the studio doing projects or shoots. If I’m out and about like at Fashion Week or sourcing, I’ll have some sort of moisturiser in my bag that I’ll apply, made easier if I’m not wearing too much make up (the spritz is easier if I have a full face on). And I always try to drink at during the afternoons when I get tired. Green tea gives me the pep up I need.

7pm Once the work day is over the biggest thing for me is avoiding the wine… If I can! It’s hard but over time I’ve tried to move away from during a glass of wine and instead have some sort of tea. A few days not drinking during the week seems to always helps reduce my dark circles (the bain of my existence!).

9pm Before I hit the hay I have a little routine I always (99% of the time regardless how many glasses of wine I’ve had… hopefully!) do. I cleanse with this gel cleanser, do a light exfoliation using this powder, and then apply tea tree oil or Golden seal ointment to any blemishes. I find this heals them overnight meaning my skin is more often than not nice and clear in the morning. Yay! I then try to hop into bed early because 8 hours always leaved my skin glowing. If I can.

Here’s to healthier skin every day. 🙂

Meet my new favourite shoes, I’ve been looking for a great pair of booties for a very very long time. These Manning Cartell ones are just the ticket (although broke the bank just a little bit…).

And this is the top I crafted in the video, you can see the full tutorial here. It’s such an easy staple, I wore it to the last day of fashion week.

Do you guys have any tips for what you do to maintain healthy skin? I’d love to hear. 

This post is in collaboration with Dermalogica.

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