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DIY Floor Cushion

#APASApartment Sep 6, 2016

12 Easy Fabric & Rope DIY's To Update Your Space

Can you tell I’m getting slightly obsessed with all things cushion related? This time it’s all about the floor cushions, essential for serious lounging. Naturally we used mud cloth which is a fabric I’ve been using a lot lately (you guys know that right?) but you can use just about any heavy duty fabric for this one. Enjoy!

DIY Floor Cushion

You need:

  • Mud cloth (I used a rug measuring about 2m long)
  • Hessian (1m)
  • Bean bag beans
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Tailor’s pencil
  • Sewing machine and thread

How to:

  1. Using the tailor’s pencil, draw on the mud cloth, 1 x square piece for the top and 4 x side pieces. I used a square piece of plywood as a template.

2. Cut the pieces out.

3. Cut a square piece out of the hessian for the base of the ottoman.

4. Pin the sides to the top square and to each other at the corners.

5. Pin the hessian to the bottom of the ottoman, leaving a gap on one side open to insert the beans.

6. Sew all the sides together.

7. This is what the ottoman will look like before it is filled.

8. Fill the ottoman with beans until you are happy with how firm it is then sew the opening closed.

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