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Mykonos Travel Guide

Travel Guides Oct 18, 2016

Mykonos Travel Guide

Yes this is real life.

Last time I visited Mykonos it was only for three days, and you’ll remember from this post that I fell head over heels in love with the place. Fast forward a year and I was itching to go back, this time with Ben in tow so I could show him around and generally get props for recommending such a great holiday destination (‘see how good it is? I told you didn’t I? right?’). This trip we stayed for more than a week, and got to know so much more of the island. This guide expands a lot on my first trip there, with a few don’ts thrown in for good measure because let’s be honest, travel is never perfect.

The simple sandal in tan was my trusty companion as per usual! This is the view from the old town.

Mykonos Travel Guide


We stayed at the San Giorgio hotel and yep, it’s gorgeous  (although rooms more basic than you would expect). I need to mention though that it’s located on a headland overlooking Paradise Beach which is one of the main party beaches on the island, and during summer the music of four competing clubs starts up at around 3pm and continues until 3am… If you’re planning on going in Summer and want quiet, it’s probably not for you. I’m guessing at other times of the year it would be fine! On that note, if you have a choice, consider Mykonos in May or September rather than the high season… costs, people and music are all more bearable at that time.


Hire a car (it’s really hard to get around otherwise) and drive around the island, visiting the inland towns like Ano Mera.

Visit the beaches – my favourite after pretty much circumnavigating the island were Agia Ana, Agios Sostis and Agrari.

Visit Vioma, a winery and cafe that serves organic food and keeps a sweet old donkey, a bunch of cats and dogs and lots of other farm animals.

Visit the old town’s Chora (twisting alleyways) at first light… when all the streets are deserted and the tourist stalls haven’t opened up yet. And also end one of your days with sunset drinks in Little Venice.


Book into Alemagou and Scorpios – two tres chic beachside restaurants. Both of these have nailed the boho/modern design completely and reflect that cool factor that Mykonos is more and more becoming known for. Both of these you can hang out all day in, rent day beds etc.

Have salads and grilled meats at the heavenly (but crazy popular) Kiki’s… We arrived at 12.30 by chance to find it opened at 1pm, when they opened the wait was 1 – 2 hours for anyone who had come later than us. So be strategic people!

Have a lazy afternoon at cliffside restaurant Spilia.

Have a more laid back/local lunch at Fish Tavern Markos.

Visit the town of Ano Mera and have dinner in one of the plaza’s fish restaurants..

Hang under the trees all day at Agrari Beach Restaurant.

Drive out to the isolated (but delicious) Fokos Tavern.

Have drinks in a hidden garden/outdoor cinema in Mykonos Town at Cine Manto.

Good to know

Avoid hiring an ATV and invest in getting a car instead. Turns out they can barely get up hills and we saw lots of people struggling.

Know that during some times of the year the wind is really strong on the island – in May it wasn’t too bad on my first visit, but it was noticeably worse in July.

The Greeks drink these amazing coffee frappes, make sure to have 974297420 of them.

Agios Sostis beach… yes this is real life.

The jetty at our hotel.

A visit to inland town of Ano Mera (sans make up and always with a coffee frappe at my side!).

 Agia Anna Beach

Early morning in alleyways of Mykonos Town.

Colours of Mykonos (I embraced the red wardrobe for this trip!). Wearing nude sandals that go with everything.

Lunch at Scorpios.

Patiently waiting for lunch at Kiki’s (and helping ourselves to the warm rose).

Setting up here for the day…

Getting lost in the old town. Wearing the nude sandals.

First light at the windmills.

Catching a few rays… wearing the tan sandal.

All the blues at Agia Anna beach.

White and nude, always an easy combination. Snap up the nude sandal here.

Lunch at Spilia Restaurant. That clam shell bowl!

Cutting some shapes.

The incredible fringed ceiling at Alemagou.

Pinch me I’m dreaming!

Our table at Kiki’s. This was the best moment of the year…. Feel the romance people 🙂

Souvla everyday.

A simple cafe in Ano Mera.

Windmills and rock walls. Stepping it out in The Simple Sandal.

Ben got the holiday dresscode memo ha.

Our hotel’s breakfast area.

Exploring the interiors.

Making friends at Vioma winery.

Beachclub/home goals at Scorpios.

The gang’s all here.

Amazing day bed set up at Scorpios.

These sandals need their own passport…

Fresh fish and white wine anyone? Yaaas!

The gorgeous outdoor space at Cine Manto.

Shopping in the old town.

The gorgeous ancient Church of Panagia Paraportiani. Coming back asap. Are you with me?

Make sure to read my first guide to Mykonos here for other thoughts.

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