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Our Studio Refresh!

Home DIY Oct 14, 2016

Our Studio Refresh!

Something you quickly learn about decorating is that there’s no such thing as ‘finished’. You’re pretty much always working on perfecting your space. Which is a guess part of the fun – you’re always looking for new ways to inject some life into everything around you. After three years in our office/studio I thought it might be nice to refresh the meeting space and nook with some new decor. I’ve been wanting to move towards more neutral furnishings in the studio and the meeting area seemed the perfect place to start.

You’ll probably remember the original before and after (see that here) and this builds on that… Although to be honest we didn’t really have to do much – proof that you can easily refresh your space in a few hours and for just a few hundred dollars!  The theme of this refresh? You can never have too many plants. 🙂

Our Studio Refresh!

I enlisted Ben to help me with some of the heavy lifting – you can see he doesn’t stick around for long :).

We decided that instead of using the nook as a seating area, we would fill it with plants! This is just the beginning and I see plenty more flower market runs in my future.

Love these new cacti!

I managed to get my hands on two big Monstera (surprisingly hard to find in these parts) and snapped them straight up – although they do need some TLC.

What we used:

Rug – ‘Lohals’ from Ikea

Leather shelf – DIY (see the tutorial here)

Mirror – ‘Hovett’ from Ikea

Flowers, plants and pots from the flower market.

Table and chairs – designed by ben

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