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My Three Go-to Party Hairstyles

Dec 12, 2016

My Go-to Party Hairstyles

Are you full swing into party season yet? I know I am!

At this time of year all I want to do is treat myself – perhaps get a manicure or splurge on a salon blow dry before the annual girls dinner/bad sweater party. But not only is it party season, it’s busy in all elements of life, because as I’m sure you know, when it rains it pours! When you combine work ramping up on the blog, shopping for Christmas presents annnnd attempting to do all the things I’ve had on my list since January, there’s not a minute to even make a cup of tea let alone block out two hours at the hairdressers. But luckily, that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself a party ‘do and the feel of a bouncy salon blow dry – and it’s only right for me to to show you how to DIY!

To celebrate the launch of the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, a hairdryer that’s fast, light and compact, I got together with Dyson to show you how to create three party looks using just a hairdryer… salon style blow dry styles you can create at at home, without the hassle of making an appointment. Perfect for your next par-tay!

Funnily enough I used to be so so bad at blow drying my hair myself, but with a bit of practice and technique, it’s turned out to be easy, and a great way to save a few hours when you’re busy.

Style 1:
Sleek & Shiny

How to – Sleek & Shiny

1. Add some moroccan oil to wet hair.
2. Using the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, attach the smoothing nozzle and begin to blowdry your hair out straight (this nozzle dries and smoothes at the same time).
3. Using a bristle brush, take sections into the brush and pull down firmly to create a sleek texture.
4. Once most of your hair is dry, focus on the ends , pulling through the brush firmly to ensure they are sleek and smooth.
5. A spritz of hairspray will keep the frizz at bay.

I feel like having straight shiny hair automatically makes me feel ‘fancy’ and ready to party!

Style 2:

How to – Volumised

1. Rough dry your hair using the dryer without any attachments.
2. Turn your head upside down, and  it from underneath to give it some volume. Continue until it’s about 90% dry.
3. Flip your head back over and lift sections of the hair and give them a blast from underneath to add extra lift to the roots.
4. Halve your hair down the middle and create 2 lightly twisted buns – like the beach wave ones below but not as tight.
5. Add the diffuser to the dryer and heat the buns to create some loose curl.
6. Undo the buns, flip upside down and spritz with hairspray and you’re finished.

A lick of red lipstick and you’re ready to hit the dance floor!

Style 3:
Beach Wave

How to – Beach Waves

1. Divide damp hair down the middle and apply some salt spray from root to tip. Then, divide each side in half again and twist the sections around each other until they coil up into little buns.
2. Pin in place.
3. Using the diffuser, hold the hairdryer under each bun until they are dry. Because of the Dyson Supersonic’s intelligent heat control, the diffuser will never overheat, thus preventing dried out curls and frizz.
4. Remove the diffuser and give the top of your head a blast with the dryer, this will help to smooth flyaways.
5. Uncurl the buns and add some hairspray, scrunching as you go to hold the texture.

When experimenting with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, what struck me most was that its design, power and attachments mean that you can create different styles yourself, without having to lug your curler, straightener annnd hairdryer around everywhere. It’s a perfect gift for that hard to buy for women in your life, sister, friend or… maybe even you? Hoping these styles make you feel like this:

This post is in collaboration with Dyson. Shot by Kit Lee.

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