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Last Minute Wrapping Idea: Label Wrapping

Home DIY Dec 13, 2016

Label Wrapping

a wrap hack…

Ok ok so I know the score, you’ve had weeks to wrap those presents but come the day/hour before Christmas, you haven’t done it. Hello me. But you still want something creative/cool to do that’s more than your average paper and tape combo…. Say hello to the easiest wrapping idea ever – the label  wrap. Customisable, DIYable, and something you can put your own take on, whether it be naughty or nice…. What’s not to love? All you need is some plain wrapping paper, an old school label maker (less than $5 from a stationary store) and opposable thumbs. You can put whatever you want on the labels. Enjoy!

Can you tell I’m loving everything about tinsel confetti right now? Except cleaning it up that is….

Accessories via Oroton.


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