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Three Quick DIYs For Your Party Wardrobe (aka Put A Bow On it)

DIY Fashion Dec 15, 2016

Quick DIY's For Your Party Wardrobe

Getting dressed up for a party is one of my favourite things to do, but often time (and money) can get in the way of a really great outfit.

This happens where nothing I’ve got feels sufficiently festive or fresh and I’m left sitting in front of my closet thinking what am I going to wear?! In case you find yourself in that position this holiday season, we’ve put together three very easy DIY updates so that you can transform a piece from your closet just before you dash out the door. We’ve used silk and cashmere pieces from Grana‘s new range because sometimes all you need is a great fabric and a DIY update to give you the best outfit at the party… Our motto? When in doubt, put a bow on it.

Bow Neck Knit

Wearing: Merino Mock Neck Sweater

Quick DIY’s For Your Party Wardrobe

Velvet and grey marl is such a great combination, so why not combine it together in the form of a crazy easy update to a sweater. Turn your sweater into something luxe with just the flick of a wrist. I’ve paired it with paperbag waist shorts but a sequin skirt would also up the ante!

Done and done.

Happy Feet

Party shoes are pretty much a prerequisite for that big holiday event, but you’ve probably realised by now just how few times you’ll actually wear them. The answer? Dress up a simple pair of shoes with removable shoe clips! So easy to make yourself and a party shoe without the commitment. We chose these sequin patches because bows bows bows! Double win if you go for something with a low/medium heel – cos you’re going to wanna dance all night!

Present Top

Wearing: Silk V Neck Camisole in Rio Red

To all you ladies who like to leave things to the last minute… True story, I have a friend who often texts me ‘I’m at Zara buying something for tonight’ as I’m on my way to the restaurant! Well this one’s for you. Take a simple top (this V Neck camisole is perfect), some ribbon and away you go. The easiest party update around but one that says I’m feeling festive, and also I am the gift.

Enjoy (that’s an order).

It’s so so easy to update pieces from your wardrobe using a few simple craft supplies. And it doesn’t take more than five minutes. Hoping this holidays that you have time to put a bow on it 🙂

Silk Dress in Black, Merino Mock Neck Sweater, V Neck Camisole in Navy, V Neck Slip Dress in Rio Red.
In case you’re in the mood for embellishing some closet essentials or just generally stocking (get it?) up, use the code ‘apasxgrana’ to get 10% off your purchase.
Silk Bomber Jacket in Navy, Silk Dress in Black, Merino Mock Neck Sweater,  V Neck Camisole in Rio Red and Navy.
This post is in collaboration with Grana.

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