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DIY One Shoulder Ruffle Top

Sewing Feb 24, 2017

Made from a men’s shirt!

You guys will be no stranger to my love of creating summer tops out of men’s shirts. I’ve been meaning to ake an oof the shoulder style for a while, and recently I got around to it! This one is crazy easy, and something that should take you virtually no materials and about 5 minutes. Enjoy!


Cut one shoulder and sleeve off the shirt and cut off the bottom section of the shirt to make it cropped in length. We will be using this bottom section for the ruffle.


Take your measurement over one shoulder and under the underarm. Then using the longest stitch length on your sewing machine, stitch along the top of the shirt (where it has been cut) and along the top of the ruffle and gather the fabric to the measurement you just took.


Pin the ruffle to the shirt and sew together.


Pin and sew the hem of the shirt 1cm to create a clean edge.

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