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DIY Ring Handle Bag

DIY Fashion Mar 2, 2017

DIY Ring Handle Bag

Fashion. Just when you thought you might be immune* to this season’s trends you get bitten by the circle handle bag bug and it’s all you can think about.

I first noticed this bag style a few seasons ago, and since then the metal ring handle has been popping up just about everywhere. I knew it was a project I wanted to add to my wardrobe! I like when applied to a dainty clutch (as opposed to a tote or bucket bag) because to be that helps emphasise the handle. Are you like me and you’ve got a little hankering to add this shape to your wardrobe? You must! And why not make it yourself?

* Oh who am I kidding, I was never immune!

DIY Ring Handle Bag

DIY Video

For this project I used a clutch from Witchery (a few season’s old), and I liked the rounded shape of the clutch which matches the shape of the ring. But you can actually use any chap clutch you like – just make sure it’s in proportion to the size of the ring and the hardware matches your ring (i.e. silver or gold). I found this ring in a craft store in Australia, and they are often available in craft or two dollar type stores.


Cut two small lengths of leather. They should be long enough to cover the ring and with space for the edges to be glued onto the bag.


Heat up your glue gun and put two small dots of hot glue onto the two inside ends of the leather piece. You will need to do this quickly so they glue doesn't dry... Be careful of burning yourself!


On the back side of the bag, press the piece of leather across the bottom of the ring, so that it holds the ring in place.


Do the same on the other side of the ring so it is securely held in place. So so simple!


What I love about this DIY? If your bag is leather you can carefully remove the glued strips if you ever want to remove the ring and take it back to being a simple ordinary clutch… But I doubt you’ll want to! 🙂

Loving bag DIYs? Check out this one and this one!

Photos by Kit Lee.


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