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Taking time to Timetable (Plus A Free Workout Timetable Download!)

Fitness Jun 16, 2017

Taking Time To Timetable

Hey guys! Earlier in the week I shared with you the first post in my health and fitness reboot, and I wanted to share with you a tool I’ve been using to get back on track with my exercise regime.

As you’ll remember, a few months ago I was feeling pretty disillusioned with my fitness routine, after completely wiping myself out on an intense circuit training schedule that left me feeling drained. After a few months of being on a more flexible and varied schedule, I realised that the variety was doing me good, both in the fitness and mental department.

Taking Time To Timetable

But the true revelation was how much I enjoyed, and needed, the the actual process of doing an interesting timetable for my workouts! What helps so much these days is (when I have time) to take an hour out on Sunday to timetable all my workout classes/sessions. It’s something I need to get back to in this reboot! You guys might be like ‘duh Geneva’ but this timetabling process has been such a fun and inspiring revelation for me.

Timetable Tips

Keen to start being more diligent with planning your weekly workouts? Yay! Let’s do this together. Here are some tips.

Be realistic: Don’t overwhelm yourself by planning to do something everyday if you know you can’t, as you’ll quickly feel like you’re running behind. Instead, work out a realistic number of activities and just pencil those in. Any additional are a bonus!

Be consistent: Make your schedule at the same time every week, I try to do it no matter whether I’m at home on the sofa, on a plane or on a deck chair.

Set reminders: Keep your timetable where you can see it and set daily reminders for what you want to do that day if you need to.

Follow your mood: The timetable is key but if one day you’re not feeling it don’t beat yourself up, it should be more about self love than self punishment!

Choose fun activities: A timetable is only as strong as your desire to do what’s on it, so try to fill it with actual enjoyable activities rather than things you hate but think you should be doing.

Investing In Activewear

Another tool I’ve been using to get me to stick to my workout regime? Activewear. I’m a complete addict now! I used to think it was silly to invest in nice workout gear, but  over time I’ve realised just how motivating it is to feel good in what you’re wearing at the gym. It totally makes you want to go more. Gone are the days of Geneva in a baggy t-shirt, now I spend a little more on Adidas by Stella McCartney crop tops, Grana leggings and Nike sneakers, and my workout certainly benefits. I find that most activewear lasts so long, and you wear it so much, it’s a worthwhile investment.


Free Timetable Download!

To help you get inspired for your next workout, or week of workouts (!), we’ve created four downloadable workout timetables. You can either print and stick them into your diary, or decorate and save to your phone.. I use Instagram stories as a way to annotate and decorate, then save to my phone and then set as a wallpaper so I am always reminded of what I plan to do for the coming week  You can download the files here.

Iphone Wallpaper: Pink & BlackTrianglesOmbrePink & White

A5 for printing:  Pink & BlackTrianglesOmbrePink & White


Sharing this week’s Timetable

Ok so I may not have a Victoria Secret body as yet but this new routine has improved my flexibility, I’m sleeping better and overall I’m so much happier. Yay!

In case you’re wondering what next week looks like (I got in early!), see below:

  • Monday – HIIT Training (New research is showing more and more benefits, so even if It’s my least favourite I still do it!)
  • Tuesday – 5km hike 
  • Wednesday –  vinyasa flow 
  • Thursday – Vinyasa Flow
  • Friday – HIIT Training
  • Saturday – 8km hike
  • Sunday – Vinyasa Flow

Yoga has also become a key element of my routine, as you can see, and I hate to be one of *those people* but I just love it so much. I’m actually (a bit) getting better too guys which is amazing…. Time to book it in!


Outfit Details: Grana ¾ Leggings, Adidas by Stella Mccartney Pull on Climacool Sports Bra in White via Farfetch, Nike Shoes, Adidas by Stella McCartney Yoga Mat via Farfetch.


Let us know your thoughts!

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