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Introducing the New Healthy Habits Series!

Living Jan 12, 2018

My Guide To Prepping A Healthy Lunchbox

Hey guys! Happy Friday! How are the first few weeks of January going for you?

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the feeling of a fresh clean slate this time of year (I’m all for long-term goals and a focus word!), but I’d be kidding myself if I thought I could do a complete overhaul in a matter of weeks. It’s just not realistic! But full disclosure – I used to be SUCH a sucker for a hardcore new years resolution – like ‘get to my goal weight in 30 days’, or ‘eat completely clean for two months’. Needless to say these were tossed as soon as Friday wine and cheese time rolled around. It’s almost like I set myself impossible challenges because that made them easy to discard. Funny that!  And because our new year’s resolutions can often be a reaction to the excesses of the holiday season, they so rarely represent actual achievable lifestyle changes that can be maintained and are more guilt related than anything else.

But in the last two years, instead of creating such strict (aka terrifying) resolutions, I tried to focus on integrating a few simple healthy habits, ones that were achievable and might actually work! And whilst I’ve still got a long way to go, I’m happy to say this approach has worked so much better than my previous ones, mainly because it encourages balance and long-term changes, rather than short-term punishment and sure-fire failure. It also allows a bit of flexibility which I’m all about, meaning you don’t have to kiss wine and cheese goodbye. So, because I can’t not share my successes with you guys (regardless of how tiny) we decided to put together a new Healthy Habits series, to help you kickstart a healthier year, without all the fear and propaganda that can paralyse you in January. Yay!

Starting Monday, we’ll be sharing tips, tricks and hacks to help you (and me!!) integrate more healthy habits into your day to day. From ways to embrace  a habit, creating better sleeping habits and hacks for tackling healthy eating, we’ve designed this series with you guys in mind so it’s going to be fun and most importantly, easy. I’m so excited!

Before we kick off for real, I thought I would also reshare this Healthy Habits Daily Countdown – it’s a great basis from which to check yourself every day. You guys pinned it an incredible amount of times when we posted it in 2017 so we thought why not reshare it as a little reminder? This is a great one for printing and putting in your notebook or somewhere around your house.

Keen to make an early start on some healthy habits?

In the event that you’re keen to get started this weekend on integrating more healthy habits into your life, we thought we would share with you some further reading, posts that we’ve shared in the past.

Healthy Lunch Prep

Timetable Your Workouts

The Ultimate Guide to Making Granola

Stay Healthy When Your Travel

Healthy Pantry Essentials

Or ready to cook something healthy? What about Chia Jam, Cauliflower ‘Rice’ Pilaf or Banana Protein Pancakes?


What Healthy Habits Do Your Struggle With?

Because you guys are just so amazing when it comes to sharing your experiences, we would love this series to reflect YOU… the experiences and challenges you might have faced in the past and anything else you feel is important relating to healthy habits. We’d love to hear what habits you struggle the most with, any successes you’ve had integrating healthy habits into your lifestyle and really… Just anything!

Stay tuned for our new Healthy Habits series that starts next week!

Illustration by Natalie Ong.

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