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Your closet needs this DIY Leather Clothes Ladder

DIY Projects Nov 17, 2017

DIY Leather Clothes Ladder

Feeling crafty this weekend? Well here’s a little DIY for you!

I’m considering renaming this blog to ‘101 ways to DIY your storage’, such is my love of pretty and functional storage ideas in the home (hmmm perhaps an offshoot website is in order?). One place that I’m obsessed with getting crafty is how I store my clothes and accessories – and I always seem to circle back to ladders! Whether it be the DIY shoe ladder or the ladder turned closet, the humble ladder isn’t just good for climbing and painting ceilings, it’s even better for adding a bit of organization and (dare I say?) chic to your overflowing closet. This project is an easier approach, in that you just need a few pieces of dowel and leather to give it a go. So go on, do it!

DIY Leather Clothes Ladder

We had the wooden dowels in the studio, also a piece of copper tubing that we throw in because, well mainly because we had it and ya know, waste not want not. As reference, the dowels (and copper tube) we used were 24” (60cm) in length and 1” (2.5cm) thick. The leather straps were 51” inches (130cm). If you’d like your ladder hanger to be longer, you’ll need longer straps and more dowels, or bigger gaps between them also works.


Measure and mark the placements of the rivets on the leather strap.  We did double rivets for the top part because we liked the look of it. 


Remember that the space for inserting the dowels need to be slightly wider. So if your dowel is 1'' thick like the ones we used is, the gap needs to be 1 1/2'' wide. 


We then spaced the wooden sticks 11'' apart from each other. But feel free to play around with the placements. 


Insert the dowels into the gaps and you're done! The copper rube can be hung on two hooks or you could thread a piece of rope through it and hang that up instead. We had some rope on the wall already so used that to attach the ladder.

Have a great weekend guys!

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