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DIY Sequin Pencil Skirt

DIY Fashion Dec 12, 2017

DIY Sequin Pencil Skirt

Bucket list project, coming right up!

At this time of year, naturally my mind turns to all things bright and sparkly… I also just downbloaded the KiraKira app and I have to say, it’s upped my craving for things that twinkle by a thousand.  After discovering some sequin fabric in the fabric markets, it was high time to share with you a simple DIY sequin pencil skirt, a project I’ve been show you guys.  Enjoy!

DIY Sequin Pencil Skirt

For this project, you need only trace an existing oencil skirt shape onto the fabric. We also didn’t add any darts around the waist because the thick sequin fabric made it tricky. Therefore the skirt may have a slightly more boxy shape but I thin overall it works.


Lay a skirt (or a paper pattern of a skirt) on the wrong side of your sequin fabric.Trace around it, and cut out the pattern. 


Trim off the sequins on the seam allowances of pieces of fabric. This is an optional step, but doing this will reduce the bulk of the seams when you sew the skirt together. 



We will add the zip on the left side seam of the skirt this time, so connect the front and back of the skirt by sewing down the right side seam first. Then, attach the waistband to the skirt. We used a black corduroy for the waistband. Just cut two rectangular strips the length of your waist, and sew them together down the top seam before attaching it to the top of the skirt. 


We decided to add some ribbon around the waist (this is optional). Attach two ends of your ribbon to the seam allowances. One of the ribbons will go around the back of your waist, so that piece will have to be longer than the other. 


The final step is to install the invisible zipper (using this method).  If you didn't remove the sequins on the seam allowances around the pattern in the earlier step, you must do this for the seams for the zipper, otherwise the sequins will get caught in the zipper teeth. If the base fabric of your sequin fabric doesn't fray, it's fine to just leave the hem raw. But you could always do a folded hem for a more finished look. 


I like to pair this will some simple accessories and a basic tank, so the skirt can do all the talking (and twinkling!). Go forth and enjoy your festive parties!

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