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Creative Wrapping Idea: DIY Fabric Wrapped Gifts

Christmas Dec 15, 2017

DIY Fabric Wrapped Gifts

Christmas is coming!

And I’m just a little bit excited. As per usual, I’ve been busy coming up with creative wrapping ideas… You might remember in 2015 I made these 3D wrapped stars, and last year I tried my hand at stitched up packages. This year, Oroton once again asked me to get creative in the wrapping department with a few pieces from their gorgeous (and totally giftable) Avalon collection – I’m loving all those shades of pink, tan, red and white! To mix it up a bit this year I challenged myself to create something using materials I already had (because who doesn’t like to recycle?), and when I stumbled upon traditional Japanese Furoshiki, or fabric wrapped packages, I knew they would be just perfect.  Read on to see how to create a simple version yourself.

DIY Fabric Wrapped Gifts

You need:

  • A piece of scrap fabric, roughly one metre by one metre for a medium sized box.
  • Small boxes to place your gifts inside

How to

There are a huge number of different methods for Japanese Furoshiki, all incredibly intricate and delicate – naturally! For this version I went with the most basic approach, but even that is super pretty and, thankfully, very easy. I suggest putting your gifts into boxes to make the packages a little more streamlined. Read on for the how to!


In this photo: Oroton Soft Fold Wallet, Oroton Slim Pouch, Oroton Mini Pouch, Oroton Large Pouch, Oroton Luggage Tag

In this photo: Oroton Luggage Tag Oroton Soft Fold Wallet, Oroton Slim Pouch, Oroton Mini Pouch, Oroton Large Pouch,

This project is in collaboration with Oroton.


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