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A Guide To The Perfect Rug Placement For Your Space

Interiors Oct 18, 2018

Snug as a bug in a rug… But where does one even put that rug?

I’ve had a decade-long obsession with how rugs improve and basically make a room. Even a cheap as chips rug can tie a whole room together. We got lots of gorgeous rugs for our renovation, including the one below from Armadillo & Co, and when you invest in a gorgeous, timeless piece, you want to use it properly in your space. But something that I’ve learnt in more recent years is that when it comes to rugs, there are rules. Can you believe it? Choosing the best rug for your space comes down to room size, placement and what else you have going on in the space. Working on the best end house really helped me to hone my skills when it comes to rugs, and Ben (NATURALLY) knew all there was to know about rug placement. We decided it was a good idea to put together a little guide for you, based on different spaces in your house. Hope this helps!

One thing I have to day about the Armadillo & Co rug is that it is soooo comfortable underfoot. It’s two layers woven together and so so nice to step on. Might sound weird but it’s true!

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A Guide To The Perfect Rug Placement For Your Space

Living Room

Ideally, you want a rug that is large enough to fit all your living room furniture. Alternatively, placing the front legs of each furniture piece on the rug gives a good balance. If you have a rectangular layout, go for a larger round rug rather than a smaller one.

Dining Room

If you can, make sure that all the legs of the chairs are within the rug edges with a good amount of rug bordering the setup. For a more styled look, match the shape of the table top to your rug shape. In most cases, rugs that are smaller than your furniture can feel a bit awkward.


The best layout is when a large rug is used to frame the bed and bedside tables, as this will make the room feel bigger. If you can’t find a rug large enough, two runners on either side of the bed works to add some symmetry.

This run down gives you an outline of the best way to place your rugs in your home. However, one thing I would mention is that you can rest assured that no matter what, a rug makes your space better, even if it doesn’t follow the ‘rules’ in a hard and fast way. I sometimes break the rules! Here’s some inspiration from some other rug sources!

Images thanks to Loom & Kiln, Amber Interiors, Apartment Therapy.

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