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DIY Tiered Polka Dot Skirt

Style Dec 3, 2018

Every season I like to inject a bit of festive fun into my wardrobe with some DIY. Whether it be a great pair of earrings, a new dress or an accessory, making something yourself is an amazing way to  slow down and feel like you’ve really achieved something. Annnndd then twirl around that Christmas party and exclaim ‘I made this guys!’. Hello party trick 🙂

Showing off at parties aside, this year, that fun comes in the form of this black and gold polkadot fabric. At the fabric market whilst on the hunt for some sequins, I saw this and thought it might provide the sparkle without the itch factor. Read on to see how to make this tiered skirt yourself.


Basically this skirt is three different length circle skirts layered together. Below is a pattern and guide for making a circle skirt. For this project you will make three in different lengths, and one out of lining fabric that matches your skirt with the longest length (if you need lining). For all of them we suggest using 1.5 x or 2x your waist (the below pattern says 2 x but 1.5 x is also fine if you want less volume) so that there is space to get in and out of your skirt.



Start by cutting out the lining of your skirt - if you are using lining. To do this, use this tutorial to cut a circle skirt out of lining. As mentioned, you can use between 1.5 - 2 x your natural waist depending on how much volume you want for your skirt.


Next, cut three different tiers for your skirt. Use the same circle skirt tutorial as linked above. You can make your tiers any length you like but we used 20cm (8 in), 30cm (12 in) and 50cm (20 in). Because of the weave of the fabric, we didn't have to sew a hem which was great. If yours needs a hem, sew a hem on each layer.


Cut and sew an elastic waistband for your skirt to match your waist.


Pin all your layers onto the waistband, making sure to stretch the elastic out so that it matches the size of the waistband.


Sew your layers to the elastic. To do this, stretch out the elastic to ensure that the fabric gathers once the elastic isn't stretched anymore. This also allows you to get in and out of the skirt!



Let us know your thoughts!

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