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Make this last minute gift: A DIY Christmas Hamper!

Living Dec 21, 2018

If you’re like me you might have left some of your Christmas shopping a bit late… But never fear! There’s still time to make something amazing.

Like a DIY hamper! You may remember my fave coffee box gift idea from last year, and it was such a hit that this year we decided to create another idea like this. The basket hamper! It’s a simple project that, whilst being easy to execute, has serious wow factor and can be put together last minute. This year I was inspired by this stunning collection from Maxwell & Williams, and a love of all things inspired by the Italian coast. But the best thing about this idea? You can choose your theme depending on what the receiver loves, making it an infinitely adaptable (and personal) gift. Read on for more!

How to create a Christmas Hamper

Pick a theme It’s always easier to put together a hamper when you have a theme in mind, and a great way to choose the theme is to focus on what the receiver loves. This is a gift for my best friend and she loves the Italian coast, so that’s what I went with!

Choose your gifts & extras For this hamper I have to admit I went quite large on the gifts, but you can go as simple or as over the top as you like! I chose some pieces from this flatware collection and some cutlery, and then picked up some Italian inspired extras like jams and biscuits.

Select a basket I then went basket shopping (the best thing EVER) and I picked a fave that was the right size to hold all the hamper items. You can also use a box for this too!

Put the hamper together & decorate To put your hamper together, layer some recycled or shredded paper in the bottom, then add the gifts and extras. Add the biggest items in first in the middle and then layer items after that. Finally, decorate with bows, twine, or leaves and flowers!



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