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How to Make These Easy Safari Inspired Curtains

Home DIY Feb 21, 2019

As you guys already know, the veranda at our renovation is one of my favourite spaces. But one thing that I wanted to do was to give it a bit more privacy and a bit more of a resort feel.

Ben and I settled on the idea of a simple canvas curtain in the space, updated with some chic safari details to tie in with the rattan and other details of the space. Full disclosure: I made these the easy way. But hear me out! Originally I was going to make the curtain from scratch using canvas fabric from old military tents… I spent days searching online! But on visiting our local craft store, we found incredibly inexpensive outdoor curtains that already had the rivets. All we needed was some rope!


A long time ago I saw some photos of the amazing massage place called The Now in LA, and knew I wanted to recreate their safari inspired curtain details at some stage. I love the oversized rivets, billowing canvas and rope, all of which give a natural and minimalist feel, without it being boring at all.



You need

  • Canvas curtains with oversized rivets
  • Rope
  • Scissors
  • A ladder
  • A curtain rod attached to the wall (or wooden rail)

When choosing your materials, consider where where you plan to install your curtains. If they are inside, you can use simple canvas and natural rope. If you are going to put them outside , I would suggest options for outdoor fabric or polyester, and rope that has polyester in it too so that it doesn’t degrade.

How to

It was soooo easy to make these! All we had to do was unwrap the curtains and attach them to the rail using rope. Initially I wanted to wrap the rope around the rail, and loop it through the eyelets. However, I realised this would make it hard to move the curtains so instead we cut sections of rope and tied them individually. We used a number of curtains (3 x the width of the space) to ensure enough gather and bulk.



Inspiration images via The Now.

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