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How to Style Your Space With Earthy Tones

Interiors Feb 25, 2019

‘Style your home like you style yourself’ is something I always remember when I’m thinking about how to put together a space. After a long standing addiction to all things earthy toned (remember those colours I’m adding to my wardrobe?) you’d be right in thinking that my obsession with earthy tones would filter through to my interiors!

A little while ago Adairs asked me to work with them in launching their new season collection, and I knew it was high time to experiment with a bolder, earthy toned colour scheme. For this shoot we mixed three of my favourite things – earthy tones, texture and plants – to create a cosy and vibrant space. Feel free to check out the edit and my product line up here, and read on for some tips!


How to Style With Earthy Tones

Choose A Hero Colour Whenever I style a space I like to start by choosing a colour scheme. To do that I first choose a hero set of tones – in this case the main colour being terracotta, and then using dusty pink and mustard to add some depth.

Pair with Neutrals I then choose a base of neutrals to give the brighter colours some breathing room. For these spaces we referenced the white walls and warm wooden tones as the neutrals and added some bright white in the form of rugs and pillows.

Mix it Up For the furniture in these spaces, as I’ve mentioned before I really like to avoid a ‘showroom’ feel where everything is the same trend or era, so by mixing vintage furniture, rattan and industrial details we created a more homely space.

Add accessories to tie it together I like to then add smaller accessories to tie the whole colour scheme together. In addition to the candles and planters, I have lots of colourful books that I like to use, with orange, pink and beige spines.

Add plants for visual relief Greenery helps to create some relief within the space, so we added lots of plants and some textured planters. Of course!

See the full edit here.

In the Living Room

In the living space I opted for a neutral palette with a white tufted rug, the white walls and the warm wood as a base. Then we added earthy tones using artwork, a throw, books and vases to bring out the colour palette. This is an example of how to use earthy tones if you feel more comfortable with less colour in your space. The best thing about using smaller items to tie together a colour palette is that it gives you flexibility to change and update as you go along!

In this space: Milo Rattan Chair, Ochre Poppes Painting, Natural Diamond Rug, Natural CandleStraw Basket.

In the Bathroom

We styled a nook outside the bathroom using bathroom products, including a vintage rattan shelf that my parents have had for years! A selection of deep rose towels and a patterned rug were the key items in this vignette, and then we added plants, baskets and neutral accessories.

In this photo: Cuba Plant Stand, Home Republic Towels, Boheme Rug, Straw Basket, Home Republic Bathroom Accessories, Hanging Plant, Bird’s Nest Fern, Vola Footed Pots.


For the bedroom we decided to go with a bolder palette, making rust the hero colour for the space thanks to this gorgeous textured duvet cover. I love the use of texture for a bed – it’s like sleeping on a cloud! We added spree bright white linen sheets and pillows to break up the rust, and a few big a beautiful plants give the space comfort and depth.

In this photo: Casablanca Quilt Cover, Mercer + Reid Woven MirrorCuba Plant Stand, Fiddle Leaf Fig Potted Plant,  Mexica Cushion, Velvet CushionBird’s Nest Fern,


Thanks for tuning in! Stay tuned for more fun styling with Adairs coming soon.


This project was in collaboration with Adairs. Imagery shot by me, photography assistance by Lillie Helms.

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