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February Faves

Feb 26, 2019

Ummmm wait, what?

Where did February go?! Apparently it frittered away in a sea of home DIY projects, feeding schedules and piles of admin. Such is life! I’ve had a very busy month, but (as it turns out) have gathered lots of fun things to read, make and do. Read on for what I liked in the last month!


The scourge of social media led diet culture.

I’m reading an old book called Letters from a Fainthearted Feminist. I have seriously been laughing out loud!

Love this vintage JFK terminal that’s been turned into a hotel.

Listening to Who The Hell Is Hamish? It’s making me VERY suspicious of everyone I meet.

Those with passion careers can have just as much career anxiety as those who clock in and out of the mindless daily grind’.


Styling with my favourite earthy tones.

Love the pops of colour in Garance Dore’s Home.

The best places to buy affordable art.

I shared our Master Bedroom Reveal (finally!).


Shared a few very easy updates to your space this month including these Safari Inspired Curtains, a Cacti Paddle Wall Update and how to DIY your own wardrobes.

Have sadly been super busy working on a big project (more coming soon!) so haven’t had a chance to make any smaller DIYs recently, but I’d like to make a bigger version of this bag! Oh and a few more of these.


Excited for the launch of this new Jurlique rosewater balancing mist, we learnt so much about the making of this product on our farm tour.

I got those pants, and liked them so much that I promptly bought them in pink and the jeans version because a) I’m a hoarder and b) they fit so well! I went down a size icymi.

Dreaming of this INCREDIBLE dress.

Have seriously fallen for every single one of the clothing designs on Cult Gaia’s website. Like this dress and this set!



Images thanks to:

Cultgaia | westelmaus | madewell | houseoflita | the_file | _bonniegray | cultgaia  | dominomag |



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