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Four DIYs To Help You Ditch Plastic Bags

DIY Fashion Sep 19, 2019

Ditching plastic bags is a gateway drug to the whole rest of the sustainability movement, so it’s high time you did it.

I’m guessing you probably already have, as a significant number of countries have mandated a no plastic bag approach to shopping. Whether by choice or by force, go you! If you’re needing a replacement (or even a little encouragement)  I would share a few DIYs to meet your toting needs, without the need for any plastic!

The Fabric Tote

The appeal of the plastic bag (hear me out!) was that it was light and strong. Because you don’t want your bag to weigh you down even more. Particularly when you’re looking for a bag to carry with you everywhere and whip out at a moments notice. Enter the lace tote, a simple, foldable item that you can make in just about any fabric!

Make this tote here.

The Canvas Tote Bag

This is one of my favourite projects, and it is surprisingly easy to make! It’s got that Madewell feel that I love, and is perfect as handbag or folded up in your bag for when you go shopping.

Make this tote here.

The Macrame Bag

A string bag is sometimes just what the doctor ordered! As you know we’re experimented with macrame here a lot, and have made two versions of this bag (here’s the other).

Make this bag here

The Picnic Tote

Finally, a fancy version for when it’s time to take the party outside. This picnic tote is updated and embroidered justtttt so.

Make this bag here.



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