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These Are The Only Things You Need For Your Baby

Motherhood Sep 11, 2019

Shopping for your first baby is exciting, daunting and EXPENSIVE!

The urge to shop comes on pretty strong when you’re pregnant, and you can’t be blamed for buying ALL THE THINGS. I certainly did. What I did in the 5th month of pregnancy was that I went online to lots of different people’s pregnancy shopping lists and basically bulk ordered whatever they said I needed. I went a little OTT if I’m honest, and when I look back I realise I could have simplified my life a little. That’s not to say you might not need all these things, only that it’s actually worthwhile stocking up on just the essentials, and seeing how you go with the rest. Trust me, you’ll still be able to shop once the baby comes! Because Frankie just turned one, I feel like I’m in a good position to tell you what you need, and what to (perhaps) skip. Read on.

Things I Bought and Used

To start with I found a feeding pillow useful. However, after a while I started feeding Frankie lying down which was amazing (hello mini nap), so you may or may not need one of these.

In initially I used Silverettes for sore nipples and also put hydrogels in the fridge and used them to soothe inflammation (I tried out the cabbage but I didn’t find it particularly useful).

I bought this pump which I used everyday, and also bought this one once I was run the studio full time.

I love the  Como Tomo bottles  (she took to them straight away, I just had Ben do that to start with because who wants a bottle when the nipple is right in front of you?).

I used these Nursing Pads, but I felt that they generate lots of waste! (These could be a good option instead).

Everyone loves a clean baby, and Frankie loved this soft cotton towel.

I love brushing her hair with these soft hair brushes. These are a great gift for a baby too!

We got this Ubbi nappy bin, I didn’t think it was that necessary but has turned out to be great (AND ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL) for locking in smells.

I’m all about the water wipes.

We just started using the Angel care bath support in the bath after graduating from just holding her in the bathroom sink.

I love the Ergo Baby Omni 360 (no need for a new born insert).

My brother and his wife gave us their Doona Stroller when they moved from NYC to Australia, it’s fantastic! It’s small and folds up into a car seat (approved in most countries except Australia). Only thing is that it doesn’t have much storage.

Muslins, you do in fact need lots of these and they are so versatile – covering up when feeding, swaddling, cleaning spills etc .This was my favourite brand – they are big and soft.

Things I needed that I didn’t buy originally

The Baby Bjorn bouncer is great – I just bounce it with my foot when I need to do emails!

The Ikea baby gym was a godsend, it gave us half an hour here and there, which doesn’t sound like much but is when you have a baby!

My number one thing that we loved? The Grobag.

We loved the Sleepyhead. I feel like you don’t even need a bassinet to start with (don’t DM me).

Things I bought and didn’t use

You know what guys? I didn’t use Nipple Cream at all (I bought soooo much!). I felt that it was actually more important for my nips to dry off rather than being oily or wet all day! I

I am not a fan of footed onesies at all. Reason being? They seem to grow out of them sooooo quickly, because they are a one piece, it seemed every time I bought one Frankie hated it because she grew out of it so fast. Instead, I prefer long sleeved onesies with tights.

The snot sucker that everyone is into (and I bought) wasn’t my jam at all, I found it just made Frankie even more distressed than she is when she has a runny nose!

This is going to be controversial, but we don’t use Baby Shampoo & Wash… I bought this (in bulk urgh). but I read that these sorts of things can make your baby’s skin dry out, and honestly her skin is divine (after she got over that crusty newborn stage)  so I haven’t felt the need.

I bought Hands Free pumping Bra but never used it (although my friend with 3 kids swears by them).

I bought a Milk Storage Organiser but it just took up more room than was necessary in the fridge. I just laid the milk in the freezer.

I didn’t use Nipple Shields (although some women swear by them).

These Milkies seemed like a great idea, but were such a rigmarole, I hated them!

We didn’t use this White Noise Machine that I bought.

Finally… A nappy bag! Everyone goes on and on about which one you need but to be honest? I just have a mesh zippered pouch that has nappies, wipes, a changing mat and a fresh outfit. I throw it into any bag I am taking with me along with a muslin cloth for covering me during feeding.

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