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An Updated List of My Fave Baby Essentials

Motherhood May 31, 2021

A lot of you have been asking for a list of the things I have loved for a new baby, so here it is!

I have to say, this time around I just didn’t have much time to research and shop for new things for baby number two. I think that’s pretty normal when you have a toddler running around! A lot of the things I’ve been using were from my first foray into having a baby, you’ll remember that I bought a lot when I had Frankie, some of which I used and some that we didn’t. I wanted to share this list because now that we’re in Brisbane rather than in Hong Kong (where I had Frankie) I thought it might be worth sharing updates of what I think of as essentials. Bearing in mind, every baby is different and you should go with your gut on the things you need. Two online stores I have really liked this time around include Big Little Things and The Memo.

Things I have Loved This Time Around

We kept our Yoyo stroller/pram and have added a Maxi-cosi capsule (we skipped the newborn attachment from Yoyo). I deliberated this purchase, because there are other car seats you can get that you can use longer than this set up, but in the end I liked that  you can simply take the capsule out and into the house, or snap it onto the pram if you’re out and about. Meaning no waking a sleeping baby! There’s an attachment you need to get that connects the pram with the capsule.

If you’re outside Australia I recommend the Doona Stroller  that we used last time around. It’s small and folds up into a car seat (approved in most countries except Australia). It’s truly fantastic.

We love the Sleepyhead (similar to a Docatot). This one also looks sooo comfy.

I have this rattan bassinet which is great. I have her beside our bed so I can easily lean over and feed her in the night.

We have a rattan changing basket, but this time I decided to get this wipeable changing basket. It has been amazing!

Frankie loved the Grobag zip up swaddles, but Bobbie seemed to really hate them so we switched to the Love To Dream arms up swaddles that she loves.

I still really like this pump which I used everyday, and I’ve also got this one that I will use once I am back in the studio. Additionally, I loved the Hakka for during the period I was engorged, as it removes milk without overstimulating.

We still love the  Como Tomo bottles. Like Frankie, Bobbie took to them straight away, I just had Ben do it to start with so that she could get used to it without the distraction of real nipples nearby.

This time around I opted for washable nursing pads. These are the ones I got.

Last pregnancy I used this feeding pillow which I liked, although I did a lot of side lying feeding so stopped using it after a while. This time around I have been using my BBHugMe pregnancy pillow for feeding. They also do a dedicated feeding pillow but I found the pregnancy pillow works well.

We’ve been using these bamboo hooded baby towels.

We got this Ubbi nappy bin, I didn’t think it was that necessary but has turned out to be great (AND ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL) for locking in smells.

I’m all about the water wipes.

We just started using the Angel care bath support in the bath after graduating from just holding her in the bathroom sink.

I love the Ergo Baby Omni 360 (no need for a new born insert).

Muslins, you do in fact need lots of these and they are so versatile – covering up when feeding, swaddling, cleaning spills etc .This was my favourite brand – they are big and soft. I also love these ones!

I am a HUGE fan of this probiotic Qiara which is for breastfeeding mums. I was on my way to getting Mastitis (the doctor told me I had it) but wanting to avoid antibiotics she recommended it and within one day my Mastitis was gone!


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