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How to Give Your Furniture A Rattan Inspired Upcycle (Using Hessian!)

Home DIY Dec 2, 2019

Hey guys! One of my favourite projects from my room renovation with Bunnings, has to be the technique we used to upcycle the bedside tables and dresser. I like to call it ‘poor girl’s rattan’.

You guys know how much I love the texture of rattan, but in the master bedroom I really wanted to recreate that look without the cost, AND using something that you might already have. We had these ugly bedside tables that had be bought on Facebook Marketplace, and they were pretty basic and ready for an update. I considered adding rattan webbing to them, but found it’s not easy to get that at an affordable price. So instead I used hessian fabric (only a few $ a piece!) to update the bedside tables. You can see the DIY for how we did it here.

How To Use Hessian To Get A Rattan Look

  1. To do this project, we first painted the furniture white all over, giving it two coats. The white paint gave a nice contract with the fabric.
  2. I then used adhesive spray to spray the front of the drawers.
  3. I then added the hessian on of the adhesive spray and pressed it down.
  4. I left this to dry for a few hours, and then added new hardware to the drawers.

You made it!

It was so exciting to see a few of you trying this method of upcycling furniture, so I thought I would share a gorgeous project from one of our readers, a DIY ‘in the wild!’. This project was done by Aleisha Corr, who did these to two small bedside tables she had at home using the hessian technique, and added leather drawer pulls. How cool!

How cute do these look styled in her beauty home? I hope you guys get a chance to try this because it’s sooo easy.


Let us know your thoughts!

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