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Five Things I've Added For Better Storage At Home

Storage Jan 19, 2020

Storage. A small thing, that can sometimes be a big thing. Right?

Creative storage has always been my forte, ever since we moved into our first tiny share flat with pretty much zero cupboard space. Luckily since then we’ve been able put in some great cupboards in our renovation (remember?) but the house has still required some strategy and a few useful additions to get the storage jusssssttt right.  Read on for what I’ve added!

A New Linen Cupboard

We didn’t really have a linen closet in the house, in that there wasn’t a big cupboard close to the laundry. Instead, we stored sheets and towels in the home office cupboards, which was a bit of a pain. After a bit of thinking we decided to relocate one of the Kaboodle units from Frankie’s wardrobes into a space near the laundry. These were the units that we gave a mid century feel by adding turned wooden legs and wooden bowl doorknobs (get all the details on that here). Amazingly the fit was perfect, even though the moving of the unit itself was a bit tricky… It took Ben and I while to maneuverer the unit through Frankie’s bedroom door! But once it was in place it was so so perfect. We skipped the mid century legs for this room and just put the unit directly on the floor (we used some small pieces of wood to prop it up so the doors would open). I added some additional shelves (cut to size at Bunnings) and then used baskets to organise everything.


Baskets are my number one essential for organisation in the home. Not least because they allow you to organise things in a haphazard way and appear more organised and tidy than you actually are. These are the baskets I opt for throughout the house, they’re handcrafted! They’re a little more expensive than some others on the market but really worth it in my opinion. They’re the perfect size and shape for putting on shelves, or sliding under cupboards. I use them in my craft closet, in the laundry cupboard and under the wardrobes to store shoes. I also use these ones which are a larger size. They’re also a lovely texture and look quite luxe, which makes for storage that not only functions but compliments the overall decor. Win win!

Bathroom Shelving

More is more when it comes to storage in the bathroom right? I would have loved a few tiled ledges in the bathroom but our budget was pretty tight so they weren’t a priority. For that reason, I’ve spent the last few months looking for additional storage options that better than your average hanging storage caddy. Ideally, something that feels designer and built in. When I stumbled upon these wooden floating shelves I fell for their clean Scandinavian inspired lines, and when I realised they would fit perfectly underneath our bathroom mirrors I knew it was mean to be.  We also added this wall shelving system over the bath.

Drawer Dividers

Wow, never did I think that drawers dividers would be important to me but they are! I’ve created a vanity in our main bedroom, and so the top drawer of my chest of drawers is filled with my make up and beauty. Up until recently it was a complete disaster, but with the addition of a few drawer dividers (these ones) it’s now perfectly organised.

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