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A First Look At My New Book!

Interiors Jan 16, 2020


Wow guys, I am pretty much speechless, having just received an advance copy of my book ahead of its release on February 4! The book writing process takes a long time, and once you’ve finished writing the book it’s a while yet before you see it in print. I’ve spent the last few days waiting by our post box, so incredibly excited to finally lay my hands on this thing that’s been three years in the making!

In case you need a recap, Home Is Where You Make It is a guide to making and styling a home you love. It’s all about taking a space, no matter how perfect or imperfect, and turning it into a beautiful and functional place to call home. It’s jam packed with everything I know about making and styling a space!

In the book I take you from room to room, starting from the ground up to show you how to create spaces that not only look great but work well too. I share more than 50 DIY ideas, along with hundreds of styling hacks, ideas for upcycling and repurposing, and guides for dealing with common room challenges (tiny spaces! ugly carpets! dark rooms!). It’s a handbook for any decorator or DIYer, and has ideas for all type of homes, regardless of whether you rent or own.

Pre-order Yours Now

  • Australia & NZ readers can order their copy at Booktopia here.
  • USA readers can order their copy from Amazon here.
  • UK & Ireland readers can order their copy from Amazon here.
  • For readers in the rest of the world you can order your copy from Book Depository here.

Launching at all good bookstores from early February 2020, and early March for US readers.

One thing that was really important to me was that the book is structured really well and is something you can pick up and find what you need. That’s why we created this book as a room by room guide. Each chapter covers a room in your house, and is broken down into a checklist for what you need in a practical sense, a number of different styling tips and ideas, sections that deal with challenges specific to that room and finally a bunch of DIY projects to inspire you. And all the DIY projects are new! So there’s plenty to inspire you.

And Brisbane friends, mark your diaries on Feb 6 for an evening of celebrating the launch of this new baby of mine! Thanks as always to my friends at Murdoch Books. Thank you to all of you who have pre-ordered it already. It’s such a big deal to me that you would go out of your way to support me, and I promise you there is soooo much in there to keep you occupied!


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