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Perfect Your Kitchen Storage With This DIY Hanging Rack

DIY Jan 29, 2020

Kitchen storage, we all want it to be jussssssst right. But in my experience, it’s virtually impossible to have enough!

Which is why I’m all about creating lots of different types of kitchen storage. Baskets for corralling things together, plenty of drawers, cupboards and as much hanging space as possible. Recently I noticed that there was section of wall below my shelves that could be used better, so decided to create a hanging space for smaller kitchen accessories and cups. This was so easy to make using a wooden dowel, and you could also use a copper pipe or something a little sturdier if you wanted to hang heavier items!

You need

  • A kitchen shelf
  • A wooden dowel
  • Three screw in hooks that fit the dowel
  • A drill
  • S hooks

How to

Start by measuring and marking the underside of your shelf to show where you want to drill your holes and attach the hooks. I chose to centre the books along the width of the shelf, and do three hooks – one on each end and one in the middle.



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