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Five Simple Ideas For Upcycling Your Old Furniture

Upcycled furniture Jan 31, 2020

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make old new again…

Take a moment before you do your next clean out, to consider if anything you own could do with a bit of an update. It may seem daunting to get stuck into an epicycle, but honestly, often they are the easiest things to do and are so SO satisfying! We’ve put together a few ideas for your next future updating session.

Macrame It

What’s KNOT to love about using some chic knots to make something old new again? You’ll first want to brush up on your simple knots, then the world is your macrame up ycled oyster.

DIY Macrame Chair | DIY Macrame Chandelier


Wrap It

A little bit of fabric or leather never hurt anyone, did it?! The easiest refresh in the book, a simple wrap can work wonders to update old furniture. Take this Ikea seat cushion that got a new life as a headboard, or these old glass bottles and jars that went from zero to hero with the help of some old leather.

DIY Cushion Headboard | Leather Wrapped Vases

Add Rope

You’ll be no stranger to my love of everything rope, and this textured material is the perfect update to many an old worn out piece of furniture. Don’t throw out that old dinted lampshade… Wrap it in twine instead!

DIY Rope Chair | Twine Wrapped Lampshade

Paint It

I have to say, the first place I start with any upcycle is checking if the item could be improved with a lick of paint. By far the easiest and most cost effective method, a new colour can completely update a chair, table or bench without you having to do too much fiddling. When in doubt, paint it!

How To Paint Furniture | Painted Rattan Side Tables

Create Shelves

Turning something old and worn out into a piece of useful storage is what dreams are made of, so it’s a good idea to consider adding planks or shelves.

Box Wardrobe | Ladder Shoe Shelf | Ladder Wardrobe


Let us know your thoughts!

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