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Quick Upcycled Star Decorations (Using Cardboard Boxes!)

Home DIY Dec 19, 2020

Christmas is literally a few days away, but I honestly can’t stop crafting decorations. I wish it would just go for a whole year! I thought I might have Christmas fatigue by this point but I guess after the year that 2020 has been, I’ve wanted as much cheer in the house as possible.

One thing I’ve had around the house this Christmas is lots of boxes, I’m sure you’re the same. Being the hoarder than I am, I’ve kept the bigger ones with a mind to make something out of them. I had a moment earlier in the week and decided to make some 3D Cardboard stars out of them! You might remember I made something similar ages ago, and this time used the old cardboard I had and painted them in my favourite colours.

Get the tutorial for this project here.

I then created a installation for the wall out of them, and also a star door decoration. You can download the printable star here, I like to print it to fill an A3 or A4 sheet, then flip it over on the cardboard so that it’s really large.


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